Learn how to fill out your 1040EZ form all by yourself.

Why pay someone to do your forms for you when I can teach you for free?

To get your 1040EZ form, you need to request it. You can go to the IRS website (IRS.gov) or you can call buy phone (800-908-9946). In the mail you will get your form and tax table.

Step 1) Look at your tax return. Box one shows your "wages, tips, other compensation". That number needs to go in box one in your 1040EZ form

Step 2) Taxable interest table. On your tax return form, on the wage and tax statement section. Go to the interest income box. That number should go on box 2 on your 1040EZ form. Box 3 on your 1040EZ form is based on your employment.

Step 3) Adjusted gross income. box 4 on your 1040EZ form, needs to be box 1-3 added together. This is your adjusted gross income.

Step 4) Box 5. Deceide weather you are married or single. Follow the following instructions bases on your household. This box follows through the back of your 1040EZ form.

Step 5) Subtract box 5 and 4. This number is your taxable income.

Step 6) For box 6, look at box 2 on your tax return and write that same number on box 6

Step 7) Put your personal income credit on box 8a

Step 8) Add lines 7 and 8a and box it on box 9

Step 9) Look at your tax table and find your categorized number, and put it on box 10

Step 10) Personal health care information on box 11

Step 11) Add lines 10 & 11, this number goes on line 12

Step 12) Subtract box 9 & 12. This number goes on box 13. If this number is negative put 0

Step 13) Subtract box 12 & 9. This is your refund.


Dont pay anyone to fill out your taxes for you, learn in 13 easy steps!