24seven Teaching

Learning Management System


  • Simple to use an to update on the fly
  • Organized in a linear fashion, similar to a Facebook wall
  • There are great features offered to include grading, communication, and student groupings.
Edmodo Overview


  • Great, robust system for building classes, units, and curriculum
  • Many customization features to create the exact system you need for your class
  • It does require a lot of preparation, but you can create a great system and grading through the website is very easy.
Schoology Overview


  • This is a learning management system I have not explored much, other than a minor attempt to create a unit.
  • It was very easy to use, but I was just more familiar with Schoology.
  • From what I have read and researched, it has almost all the same capabilities.
  • Reviews also state that the speed grader is the best available.