Library of Congress

Washington DC


The fourth president of the United States, James Adams, was the first to come up with a idea for a congressional library in 1783. In 1800, President John Adams signed an act of congress, which helped establish the The Library of Congress. President Thomas Jefferson played a key role in establishing the library. In August of 1814, the British led the Burning of Washington, which destroyed the library and the books within it.

Within a month, former president Jefferson had offered his personal library, as a replacement for what was lost. The library bought Jefferson's collection for $23,950. In 1851, there was another fire that destroyed two-thirds of the collection, with only 2,000 books left. After ten years of work the librarians had replaced the missing book in the Jefferson Collection.

What is in the Library of Congress?

The Library of Congress is our nations oldest federal cultural constitution and it serves as a research base for Congress. It is also the largest library in the world. The library's mission is to support our Congress in fulfilling their constitutional duties and farther the progress of knowledge and creativity for the prosperity of the American people

More is more than just a library

  • A Research Center for Lawymakers
  • Protector of Creativity
  • Partner in the Classroom
  • Performing Arts Center
  • Conservator of National Tradition

What You May Not Know

Everyday the library aquires abot 15,000 new items.

Home to the largest library of rare books in America.

The library has only had total of 13 librains.

THose who are willing can hold an event of their chosse at the library.

Hold the largest collection of maps in the world. It aslos hold the world largest comic book colletion.

Since 2006 the library has been collecting every singal twit, more then 50 million have been collected each day.

The library house a book as small the period at the end of the sentence.

The library has a tablet that dates back too 2040 B.C.