ITLS Newsletter

October 16, 2015

Message from Julie

Thanks for being so engaged in our day of professional learning this past Tuesday. Your willingness to openly discuss changes that you've made allowed your peers to learn from your experiences, which will have lasting benefits for our group.

We take the meeting evaluations very seriously as we work to deliver the learning format, content, and options that will best support your professional growth. From feedback on the big topics to feedback on the smallest details of the meeting, we value your input and perspective. (This month's feedback form is here.) One submission mentioned the importance of having students' voices and perspectives in the room. That is an excellent reminder that we need to address. Thanks!

Please Welcome Our New Learning Services Secretary: Desiree Lopez

Desiree is going to be responsible for a plethora of jobs including processing your temporary leave forms and purchasing. She is also supporting Tracy Dorland. Desiree will be doing some data digging in Destiny, collections, and databases to determine where resources are best used.

Speak up Survey is now open

Speak Up, an online research project facilitated by Project Tomorrow, gives education stakeholders the opportunity to share their viewpoints about key education issues, particularly concerning digital learning and the use of technology. After administering the survey, participating schools and districts can access their local data online, free-of-charge in February 2016. Click here to learn more.

Stipends from InnEdCo to attend ISTE...Plus a Grant Opportunity

Conference Stipends

  • Applicants must demonstrate: a focus for their learning that will impact their classroom and/or school, and be willing to share their learning with others in their organization. and complete a follow-up evaluation/survey. Administrator support is also required. Application deadline is midnight Nov 15. Awards will be announced here on Feb 1, 2016.
  • This is a professional application high quality content and writing skills are important. Be concise, yet thorough in your responses. Please keep a copy of your Request for Proposal for later reference.
  • You may download the 2016InnovativeEducationISTESttipendApplication to prepare your answers ahead of time.

Special Project Grant Opportunity

  • Innovative Education Special Project Grants to improve student achievement through the integration of technology into K-12 classrooms, a school, or district will be awarded for the 2016-17 school year. Applicants could include Classroom Teachers, Information Technology, Media, and Library specialists, etc. Special Project Grants Teams are encouraged to apply. They could include other specialty areas, i.e. gifted and talented, STEM, literacy, the arts, etc.
  • Grants will be awarded in the amount of $500 to $5,000. Application deadline is midnight Jan 15. Awards will be announced March 1, 2016.
  • Special Project Grant guidelines and requirements: 2016-17SpecialProjectGrantsRFPGuidelines
  • This is a professional application high quality content and writing skills are important. Be concise, yet thorough in your responses. Please keep a copy of your Request for Proposal for later reference. You may download the 2016-17SpecialProjectGrantsApplication to prepare your answers ahead of time.

ILL Requests-Thank you Jennifer Fugita!

Note on ILL requests and the two choices of As soon as possible or Reserve for specific date:

  • When you pick As soon as possible, there is a choice to Automatically fulfill the request or the choice to pick a school with the availability of copies showing to the right. This information on available copies is accurate. If a book is overdue at a specific school, it will show as 0 copies available.
  • When you pick Reserve for specific date, you can pick a school and then it shows the school's copy(ies) availability on the calendar. The problem with this is that Destiny assumes that if a book is overdue, it is going to be available the next day and it shows on the calendar that way. This is misleading for everyone involved, can end up wasting people's time, and is probably creating a fair amount of unexpected declines.

So this is not saying to not use the Reserve for specific date feature as there are valid reasons to request this way, but just to be aware of what appears to be available on the calendar can be inaccurate.

Elementary Battle of the Books

Elementary Battle of the Books is up and running! The release date for titles is November 2nd. This year there are 21 elementaries signed up to participate. If you know that someone other than yourself is running BOB at your school(s), please make sure my records are correct here. It is critical that we have contact information for all BOB sponsors and know which schools are participating. Email Christine Cervera if there are any questions.

Thanks everyone!

YouTube Update

The Adams 12 IT department is waiting for the vendor to fix a bug in filter, which will then allow IT to implement YouTube searches again. IT has been a strong voice and advocate for a quick response from our filter vendor. Cotton Creek

Check out the bulletin board created by Terri Ellerbruch and volunteers at Cotton Creek. It's for the Kevin Henkes new book, "Waiting." Also, we submitted it for the HarperCollins contest to try to win a visit from Kevin Henkes!
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Click here to peruse a great map resource. Links to many Colorado Resources!

More Google Apps for Education!!

Nathan and Nick went to a great conference last weekend and shared this! Click here to find out more!