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Supplies For A Successful Class

Class Handouts

To have a great class, you need to have some handouts for people to follow along with. After much practice and tweaking, here is a list of my favorite handouts and where I get them:

Drawing Entry Slips

Natural Solutions Handouts

Products Made Simple Tearsheets

Modern Essentials Reference Cards (optional)

The Essential Life book (optional)

Live Guides (for after the new person enrolls)

I use the drawing slips as way to start the class off, so that people are thinking about their health concerns right from the start. Keep these after you use them to raffle off a door prize (use anything you like for a prize) to follow up with people after the class.

The Natural Solutions Handout is my favorite class presentation. I simply go through the handout, reading off each section. I will add in some of my own experiences throughout the presentation, and you should do the same (but be cautious not to go on too long into a story...stay on topic). During my presentation of the Natural Solutions Handout, I show a few of the videos that I posted to the Abundance page last week, for you all to use as you like. Just open that lesson, and then save that flyer to your Favorite Websites, to be used whenever you teach a class.

At the end of the class, I like to briefly (NO MORE than 2 minutes) go over the business side of dōTERRA, specifically, Loyalty Rewards, the Power of 3 Bonus, and the Unilevel Commission. These are all three mentioned on the back side of the Products made Simple Guide. I show the back side of that tearsheet below, and it's called Business Made Simple on the back.

During my class, I like to play a little "look up" game with The Essential Life book. I hand everyone a book, and then ask them for an ailment they are interested in, then let them race to find the answer. Then I give out samples of dōTERRA products as the prizes for this this game. This serves two purposes, to show everyone how easy the book is to use as a reference guide, and to give them confidence that they can find their own answer when they have a health concern. I then offer The Essential Life book as my own gift to anyone who enrolls from the class. When I buy them in bulk, they only cost me $16 each, and I feel strongly that my investment in someone furthering their education on how to use EO is sooo worth it! People will actually USE their EO and buy more, if they know HOW to use them! BUT! If you really cannot afford to do this, there is the Modern Essentials Reference Card available at aromatools.com, that are significantly cheaper, that can help someone to get started. They only offer a few common ailments, but they do provide a start on how to use your oils. Also, I made a flyer a while back, called Using The Family Physician Kit. Save that to your favorites, so you can email it out to your new enrollees.

The Live Guides are a great tool to give to your new enrollee! Write all of your contact information on the back for them and also that of your upline Mentor (usually whoever enrolled you or whoever is helping you to teach classes). Also, write their new dōTERRA ID number and the password they set up on the top right of the back page, so that they remember what website to visit and how to log in. I tell them to look through the guide for great ideas on where to start with their EO. Then, after they get their oils, check in with them and see how it's going. Take a few minutes to go through the Wellness Consult with them, which is on the last few pages of the guide (either in person or by phone); this helps them to find the answers to their health concerns.

It's always good to watch others teach classes. It helps you to learn better effective techniques. I go onto YouTube and watch others teach their classes. Here is a series of videos that comprise a great class: an Intro, explanation of the power of essential oils, explanation of what essential oils are, why choose dōTERRA over other oils out there, then a few videos on specific solutions, and finally the close to the class and an explanation of LRP. You can find more product videos along with all of these videos at www.sharesuccess.com/class/. The last video is a great education on how Teresa Harding teaches her class, specifically how she opens and closes her class. Teresa is so effective she has a 100% close rate and 80% of ALL Wellness Advocates are under her! I learned so much from her class! It's worth the hour of you time! You're going to want to take notes on that one!

NS Class - Intro
Introducing dōTERRA. Empowering You to Be Ready for Anything
What is a doTERRA Essential Oil?
Why You Should Choose doTERRA Essential Oils
Daily Nutrient Pack
doTERRA On GuardÂŽ Essential Oil Uses and Benefits
Natural Solutions Closing
What is doTERRA LRP (Loyalty Rewards Program)?
How To Close Teresa Harding 4 29 14


Here you can find the following:

Drawing Entry Slips 50pk/$3.00

Natural Solutions Handout 20pk/$10.00

The Essential Life book $15.86/each when you buy 10+ books at once.

Live Guides 10pk/$5.00

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Here you can find the following:

Products Made Simple Tearsheets 50pk/$9.95

Modern Essentials Reference Cards 25pk/$3.75

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Here you can find the Natural Solutions Handout as a FREE download, BUT color printing can be expensive. Still, this is an option for you. You can also find downloadable guides and tools to help you plan your classes. Share Success is a wonderful resource for learning more about how to Share and Build dōTERRA.