Physicist Career

Math & Engineering Career


As a physicist, you would study various forms of matter and the way energy reacts when in contact with those forms. Study the natural origins of the universe. You would have to study space debris like comets, or supernovas. You may have to develop new technology for the use of military. And spend a lot of time in a lab or observatory

Work Enviorment

The potential work environments would be either a lab, observatory or even just in a series of cubicles.

Days & Hours

You would need to be able to work full time. That would mean 40 hour weeks, but that's an average, everyday job. The time would usually be at night because solar radiation from the sun would interfere with a lot of your equipment.

Attitude & Inspirations

To be a physicist, you mustn't be only smart, you need drive, aspiration and goals. To get more information, read biographies or watch demonstrations of a physicist. Or if you can meet one in person. Don't be discouraged about the fact that you need a doctorate to even think about being a physicist, if you are eager to be one, you'll be fine.

Starting Salary & Salary Range

Your starting salary one year in would be $28-$30. But yearly would be an average of $50,531. Considering jobs of today thats a little low, but that's what premotions are for.

Required Education

Dont be discouraged. But to be a physicist but you need a doctorate, at the minimum! But that's kinda understandable, I mean you do have to learn calculus just to enter! Fun fact: Issac Newton created calculus just because he wanted to.

Personality Of A Physicist

You need drive, like I said previously also ambitions. Also you have to be a challenge taker. Sometimes you need to tackle the forces of nature to get results! Also adventurous, because you never know where science will take you.


Some advice that I would personally give would be, be good in math, and study, A LOT!

Three Positive Aspects

You get to learn about things the average man wouldn't.

It is a very good paying job.

And it will always be in demand, science is a light shining in a dark room, you only figure out how much you don't know.

Three Negative Aspects

The hours aren't for everyone.

The amount of school is a bit long

And the work you may get caught in doing might be tedious.