Systems Administrator

Network and Computers


Determines what an organization needs in their network and computer systems before it's set up. Installs all network hardware and software and makes all repairs and upgrades. Responsible for maintaining security and makes sure all systems are operating well. Checks the systems performance and train employees how to use hardware and software.

Hours / Working Schedule

In 2010, 90% of network and computer system administrators worked full time. Due to the fact that many organizations rely heavily on their computer networks, many administrators worked overtime to make sure the networks were working properly.


Administrators work with the physical computer networks. They are employed in many places like institutions, hospitals, banks, corporations and government agencies. They interact with network architects, IT management and non-IT staff.


The median wage in 2010 was $69,160. The bottom 10% earned $42,400 and the highest earned $108,090. The median pay for this profession is around $33.25.


The highest required is a Bachelor's degree


The outlook so far for this career from 2010-2020 is 28% (higher than average).