Forged By Fire

By: Sharon M. Draper


Forged by fire is about a boy named Gerald. He was only three years old and his mother wasn't a good mom. She was on drugs and she never took good care of him. He was always left alone at home, and one day the house caught on fire. A three year old child was left alone at home and a fire occurred. Gerald's mom goes to jail for child endangerment. After his mom goes to jail, Gerald's loving Aunt queen takes him in. She takes good care of him and she loves him. It was just the two of them and on Gerald's ninth birthday, his mother got out of jail. Gerald didn't want to see her but he had to. Then he finds out he has a little sister, Angel. Gerald's mother, Monique wanted to take him to live with her but Aunt queen and Gerald didn't accept it. He also met his stepfather, Jordan who is very abusive. After Aunt Queen's death, Monique and Jordan take him in to live with the three of them, Monique, Jordan, and Angel. Gerald had a good life with Aunt Queen, but after he moves in with Monique it wasn't a good life at all. Jordan abused all of them and Gerald loved his little sister Angel very much and he was her protector from abusive Jordan. Gerald has been through trials when he was only three years old, and now he has many more trials to go through. He has a lot of pain in his life and he really never had anything good happen to him, except when he still had his Aunt Queen.

Author Information

Sharon M. Draper was a high school English teacher for twenty five years. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. She was named National Teacher of the year in 1997. Sharon M. Draper became an author after she was an English teacher. She wrote many book which include Forged By Fire, Tears of a Tiger, Darkness before Dawn, Romiette and Julio, and Double Dutch.

Description of Characters

Gerald was a brave young boy who soon turned into a young man, and he went through many trials. His mom abandoned him when he was a child. He had an abusive step father. His Aunt Queen, who he loved very much died. His mother was in a bad accident. His best friend had died.

Aunt Queen was a loving person that cared about Gerald. She would be a better mother than Monique is. She was also caring towards Angel.

Angel was a little girl who had talent. She was a great dancer. In her life she was always scared, and that was only one thing that she was scared of, who was her abusive father.

Monique wasn't a very good mother. She abandoned her son when he was only three years old. Then she had a little girl, Angel who she didn't take good care of. Her two kids were being abused by their step father Jordan, and Monique chose not to notice or even care.

Jordan wasn't a good dad. He abused his kids, Gerald and Angel. He also abused Monique, the mother of Gerald and Angel.

Rob was Gerald's good friend ever since he moved in with Monique and Jordan. He was a very fun person to be around and when Gerald and Rob got into high school, they joined the basketball team together.

Mr. Washington was Rob's dad. He was there for Gerald when he needed someone to talk to about Jordan. He was like a father to Gerald because he was always there for him.

Kiara is Rob's little sister and also Angel's friend. She was a good friend to Angel.

Timeline of Events

  1. Gerald was three years old when he was abandoned and when the fire happened. He didn't die because his neighbor was the one who called the fire fighters and he was the one who thought that Gerald was in there.
  2. After Gerald was rescued from the fire, his mother went into jail for child endangerment. Then Gerald moved in with his Aunt queen who was very loving and took good care of him.
  3. On Gerald's ninth birthday his mother, Monique comes home. She wants to take him to live with her and his stepfather, Jordan, and also his little sister Angel.
  4. Aunt Queen dies and Gerald goes to live with Monique, his mother, and Jordan, his stepfather.
  5. Jordan is very abusive and he does stuff to Angel that he shouldn't be doing and Gerald finds out.
  6. Gerald gets mad and tells a trusted adult, Mr. Washington, also Rob's dad.
  7. Mr.Washington gets the police and tells them whats been going on, then Jordan goes to jail.
  8. Gerald and Angel are now living with their mother, Monique. They move a lot and Angel is much more happier and so is Gerald, now that Jordan is in jail.
  9. Years later, Jordan gets out of jail when Gerald is grown up and so is Angel. Months after he moves in with them. He has been behaving himself and hasn't been abusing anyone.
  10. Monique has an accident because she got ran over by a car. She goes to the hospital and isn't able to go out because she has to recover. She gets addicted to pain medicine and Gerald and Angel are worried about her.
  11. Gerald's best friend, Rob dies in a car accident. There was a funeral and Gerald got very emotional. Gerald also wanted to be there for Mr.Washington since he was there when Gerald needed him.
  12. Jordan comes home one day, drunk, and Angel is home alone. He grabs her and drags her to the room. Angel left something on the stove the apartment catches on fire without Jordan noticing.
  13. Gerald comes home and gets very worried about Angel. Jordan breaks Gerald's bone because Gerald got mad because Jordan was trying to do something bad to Angel. When Jordan tries to escape he dies in the process. Gerald carried Angel out of the burning apartment. Gerald and Angel were saved but Jordan died.
  14. In the end, everyone was safe. They were also safe from the evil and abusive Jordan.