Communism will never be contained

We can't stop communism but only slow it

What is communism

Let's start to the basics what is communism? Communism is where everyone is equal and their are no social classes meaning no one has any different things it may sound good but it is very bad because everything is decided by the government so it's like they control your life so now does it sound good?

Who found communism?

Communism was found by a poor peasant named Mao Zedong who began to rise in power to later become the leader of the red army.
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Mao Zedong's life

Let talk about Mao Zedong first let's start from the beginning.Mao Zedong was a poor peasant who had nearly enough money to go to school but later on when he grew up he joined the CCP or China communist party that fought against the KMT which the Red army was forced out. A major event will happen in the next paragraph that changes their odds

The Long March

Mao Zedong 's red army was forced out of southern China which Mao Zedong's red army marched 6,000 miles west and north ot escape them.During the March the red army lost 93,000 men but thanks to the March he ment poor peasents who gained their support which led the communist revolution after World War two
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October 1 1949 Communism rises in China

At the end of World War Two Japan gave China back their territory they conquered and the civil war continued between KMT and the red army but the KMT had to retreat to Taiwan. Mao Zedong became the leader of people's republic of China which gained the Soviet Union help. The new Chinese government would control every Chinese's person life's

The Great Leap Forward in 1958

Mao Zedong wanted China to become industrialized but at the time China citizens live in rural areas And were peasents farmers so Mao thought that farmers could work in factories but, Their was a shortage of food since the farmers were needed to feed China 's very large population with poor harvests which many Chinese died and question his leadership

Cultural Revolution in 1966

The cultural revolution was to renew communist revolution spirit so Mao Zedong made everyone throw China's past and only focus on anything communist related so they don't get influenced by foreign ideas and more but on communist government and it's good sides instead of the bad sides.Propaganda and brainwashing were used on citizens and art had to be related to communism.In conclusion it is only possible to slow communism but not stop it.
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