December 12, 2021

Class Meetings

Good evening Cub Families,

In being transparent, a week ago, Mr. Bronkella and I met with each class to go over a few things with them. We discussed overall class discipline, dress code, random drug screens, sporting event expectations, and social media accounts. Most of our students are doing the right thing and they were told that. We have some students who are posting on social media accounts about other students that are unacceptable. Students were told that it would not be tolerated and disciplinary action will be handed out to anyone caught doing these. Parents/Guardians, it would be much appreciated if you had a conversation with your child and get assurance it's not them.

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Cub Industries presents to the Madison Redevelopment Commission Board

Pictured L-R:

(Ms. Whitney Mathews, Chip Cox, Matthew Burkhardt, Neel Mistry, Mr. Derek Herrick)

They requested over $31,000 in funds for different equipment. They presented to the board and to Mayor Bob Courtney. The boys did an excellent job representing MCHS.

Food Pantry

Student Services now has a small stocked pantry that is available for students that may need to take some food home. If you know of a student/family in need, please let us know and we will get with the student and help get some food home with them! Please let me know if you have any questions! Thank you for your help!


Students will have finals on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Wednesday - Periods 2 and 4

Thursday - Periods 1, 5, and 7

Friday - Periods 3 and 6

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Lumina Foundation Goal

Dr. Katie Jenner, Indiana's Secretary of Education and former Madison Assistant Superintendent discussed the goal that at least 60% of graduates will have obtained some type of credential above and beyond meeting the Core 40 graduation requirement by the year 2025. Our 2021 graduates reached that goal with 66% of them having some type of credential in addition to obtaining their diploma. We need to continue to get ALL students with a certification or credential. Check out all the different ones below:

Associate Degree in General Studies - 3

Associate Degree in Science - 1

Total Certifications / Degrees - 182

Total Different Students - 99

Students with More Than One Certification - 38

STGEC / Indiana College Core - 57

Technical Certificates (TC) - 21

Certificates (CT) - 36

Animal Agribusiness CT - 10

Business Administration TC - 11 (31 Credit Hours)

Business Administration CT - 13 (16 Credit Hours)

Criminal Justice TC - 1

CNA CT - 3

Industrial Mechanical TC - 6

Industrial Mechanical CT - 6

Welding Technology TC - 3

Structural Welding CT - 4

OSHA 10 - 33

NIMS - National Institute for Metalworking Skills Cert.

NIMS - Project Layout & Machining - 2

NIMS - Measurement, Materials, & Safety - 1

NIMS - Job Planning, Benchwork, & Layout - 1

MSSC Certified Production Technician - Passed all 4 MSSC Certs

MSSC Certified Production Technician - 1

MSSC Safety - 5

MSSC Quality - 3

MSSC Production - 1

MSSC Maintenance - 1

Welding GMAW - MIG - 8

Welding GTAW - TIG - 2

Welding SMAW - Stick - 5

Welding FCAW - Flux Core - 1

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Mr. Michael T. Gasaway

MCHS Principal

MCS Director of Secondary Education