News At The Creek

December 4


12 Days of Winter Fun

Monday, Dec. 8 - Wear GREEN

Tuesday, Dec. 9 - Holiday Lunches (Professional Dress)

Wednesday, Dec. 10 - ELF Day

Thursday, Dec. 11 - Holiday Lunches (Professional Dress)

Friday, Dec. 12 - GRINCH Day

GTES Student Surveys

Reminder: GTES Student Surveys will take place on Wednesday, Dec. 10 (a few classes will also take surveys on Dec. 11 & 12). Please see Paula with any questions.

Front Office Reminders

1. If parents choose to check students out directly from Holiday Lunches, please have them sign out the student out on your class sign-out sheet instead of sending them to the front office.

2. Please only allow students to go to the book fair on Holiday Lunches with their own parents. Do not let students bring along a friend.

3. With many special events taking place this month, you must notify the front office if your class is going to be somewhere different than indicated on your regular class schedule. The first ten people who email Carrie with their favorite holiday sweet will get a treat in their mailboxes.


RTI/SST Corner

Please, please, please....if you have a student in RTI or EIP and you have not had an SST in some time, please email Mrs. Jackson. If you have a student in RTI and/or EIP daily and you are not taking data Mrs. Jackson.

IEP Season

It's coming!! Meetings upon meetings upon meetings. Please make sure you are communicating your students' strengths and weaknesses to the special education as they prepare the IEP document for the meetings to come. Each teacher's input into a student's individual plan is vital.


Make sure you have reviewed the hard lockdown drill procedure and let your students know that a drill is coming SOON.


Reminder that DDAs are coming up.

Dates for administering:

Tuesday 12/9 ELA Grades 2 and 4

Thursday 12/11 ELA Grades 1,3, and 5

Friday 12/12 MA Grades 2 and 4

Monday 12/15 MA Grades 1,3, and 5

Tuesday 12/16 SC Grades 3-5

Wednesday 12/17 SS Grades 4-5

Thursday, 12/18 SS Grade 3

Rolling Makeups throughout the administration window

Missed Buses

It's a very busy time of year and sometimes our students are a little more distracted than usual. Please help them be mindful of their buses when they are being called, we have seen an increase in the number of missed buses lately. Also, please remember to notify the front office if you have a student who has missed the bus and you are planning on staying in your room with the student while you wait for parents to arrive.


Attention 4th and 5th grade teachers: Our Student Council members will be attending the Gwinnett County Peer Leadership Conference on Monday, Dec. 8 at the ISC with Christy Armstrong and Jennifer Little. Please have your classroom representative meet in the front lobby after the morning announcements. They will be returning around 1:30 that day.


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Climate Committee Corner

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Marcella Carrion - 12/10

Jennifer Hartwell - 12/11

Juli Donat - 12/11

Dorry Heffner - 12/12