Captains Log

Month of April

Busy Season is Upon Us

The slow days at work are finally coming to an end. With spring ahead, so are larger crowds. Our most important focus should be serving customers as quickly and efficiently as possible, without sacrificing quality. Fleet week will be our biggest event yet and is only 1 month away, get excited, and be prepared to work.

Special Events


We will be strictly enforcing a new call out policy starting ASAP. From now on you are to call the main phone to call out (347)220-8441 is the call out line number. If a manager does not answer please leave a message, calling a manager's cell phone will no longer being acceptable. Email is also acceptable, please note if you email to call out you must include all managers on the email (please see all manager emails listed below).A proper call out is 4 hours prior to shift informing the managers you will not be able to make it. Anything after the 4 hour mark will be considered improper and will result in a write up.

Tardiness is also something that needs to be addressed. If you are going to be late please call the call out line or again email all of the managers. If you are late without any notice, this will result in a write up.

Please keep referring to and the customer service board for the latest schedules.

Manager Emails:

Kelly: Brennon:

Mike: Jess:

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Get to know Donna!

Q:When did you start working for Legends? A: "September 17th 2015

Q:Where did you work prior to legends? A: "Fairway Supermarket"

Q:What do you like to do for fun? A: "Listening to Music; prefers Jazz"

Q:What do you like most about your job? A: "Some of the new people I've met on my journey"

Q:What is something about yourself most people do not know? A: "I'm a serious person, a good listener. I'm not a practical joker"