By: Prince Ngwenah


Fats are one of the most important of the food groups. They may be sometimes seen as bad, but if properly consumed it really helps our bodies. This design will be talking about its sources, effects, and amount that should be consumed daily.


Fats are an essential part of our diet.Fats are substances that supply the body with energy. They contain more energy than any other nutrient in our bodies. Without fats some vitamins would not be able to be dissolved, for example Vitamin A. Fats also enable certain body parts to function properly.
Fats can lead to weight gain if it is over consumed. Your body can only should be allowed to contain a certain amount of fats. Another affect could be pimples or other bubbly substances appearing on your skin.

More information

Sources for fats could be found in foods such as burgers, french fries, fried chicken [deep or pan], pork, many oils, and much more! So when your eating food look at the nutrition facts and make sure to check how many fats are inside of it. Remember fats may be important for you but if you over do it you will not be healthy or happy.