News From Thailand

Surprises from the first 3 months

"I'm flexible. I'm here to help."

A co-worker suggested that I repeat this to myself (and out loud) during my transition to a life in ministry overseas. Good advice! I tried hard to cross the Pacific last fall with no expectations. But I must have carried some assumptions, because I have experienced the element of surprise...
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To Be or Not to Be

The Thai language has a word (pronounced "bpen") meaning "to be". The word is used in combination with things like nationality or occupation. For example, "Chan bpen aa-saa sa-mak kha" means I am a volunteer. The word is not used to describe physical or potentially temporary attributes. For example, I would not say, "Chan bpen dtang" (I am money). If I had lots of money (subjective here) I would say, "Chan mii dtang yer yer". My point is that in Thai, the things or attributes I have- or don't have!- don't define who I am. It's a subtle difference, but important to me as someone who has ugly things in her past (both as a victim and as a transgressor)... It's a good reminder that those things are a part of my story, but they do not construe my identity.

Prayer Requests

  • Continued language learning. Intensive Thai Level 2 runs from Jan. 9th - Feb.10th.
  • Launch of Molding Stars after-school program for 2017- effectiveness & relationships.
  • Current cases & projects the HUG team is working on- our small staff is stretched.
  • New Children's Advocacy Centers in Pattaya and Phuket- for multiplied results!