Sally Ride


  • she was born in Los Angeles May 26 1951
  • Sally Ride enjoyed school
  • she was inspired by her teacher(Elizabeth Mommaerts)
  • Sally Ride died on july 23,2012
  • she went to stanford university


  • Her father was a professor science at a local community college
  • Her mother is a counselor at a woman correctional institution
  • Sally Ride had another name it was Sally Kristen

Career and education

  • she was helping children to encourage to study science
  • Sally Ride was the first woman to fly space
  • She was inspiring kids and families
  • Sally enjoyed Nasa in 1978
  • she helped design a robot arm for the space
  • she wrote six science books for kids
  • In 1998 she became a professor of physic and director of california university
  • she flew a second mission the following year
  • she served a commission to investigate the challenger and Columbia disasters