Now hiring a baby sitter

Tips, tricks, and advice for getting a babysitting job

Good advice to be a magnificent baby sitter

-Be a very positive baby sitter by when you give directions, instructions, or criticism, using a positive tone

-plan ahead consider the ages and genders of the children you will be keeping

-get out take the children out to the park and stuff make your job enjoyable and make them like you

-focus on the children take care of them just leave your phone in the car

-if driving be free from distractions

most important things to know

do's and don'ts of a baby sitter

-DO: respond when the parents and ask you how the parents are doing

-DON'T: be late to your job as a baby sitter

-DO: ask about the bedtime routine

-DON'T: have friends over its not your house

-DO: dress professionally make it look like you care

-DON'T: let anyone inside the house without the parents permission

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