Kelly Tomas

Buoyant force

A spring balance measures the weight of the object. When the object is immersed in the liquid, the spring balance measures a different, smaller weight. Buoyant forces push upward.
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Air or water pressure

The outward force caused by contained water or air. Fpress
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The force between two surfaces that work against motion. Ff
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Air resistance

The force between air and a surface that works against motion.
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The force perpendicular to an object's surface that results in support.
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A force caused by a string, spring or rope resulting in stretching or pulling.
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Two positive charges will repel, as will two negatives charges. A positive and a negative charge will attract. Observed in static electricity; lighting; used in copy machines. Frictionis caused by electric forces.
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Gravity is felt elsewhere besides earth. All heavenly bodies feel some force of attraction towards other planets, stars, etc. In fact, all objects with a high mass apply some force of gravity to surrounding object.
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