Blended learning course

by the University College South Denmark, alp-activating leadership potential, Kamaleonte and Euroaccion.
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“ConnEQt – Emotional Intelligence fro Leadership” is a blended learning course (online/residential) for leaders, team leaders and people who are studying to become such.

The course aims at providing participants with experiences and practices for increasing their knowledge, skills and attitudes on how to nurture their Emotional Intelligence, in order to increase the well being and productivity of their personal and professional contexts.

EI in fact is correlated with traits of being focus, developing resilience, arising self awareness, and the ability to performance under pressure. This will provide you the emotional strengths to adapt to change and deal with setbacks. You will be more able to create conscious and intelligent actions regarding our own emotional responses, as well as managing other people's reactions to an emotionally charged situation.


The course objectives are:

  • To increase knowledge on Emotional Intelligence, on how emotions are generated according to the new neuroscientific researches, and how these impact on our well being and decision making.

  • To increase knowledge on how Emotional Intelligence supports leadership practices and promotes agile working contexts.

  • To increase knowledge, skills and attitude on how to use one own’s EI to stay focused and respond with open mind in conflicting situations.

  • To provide participants with experiences that allow them to acknowledge and become more aware of their emotional state and how this impacts their behavioural patterns.

  • To explore how to increase awareness of the present moment, by experiencing it in a body, mind and heart level, in order to become more mindful, and inner ready.

  • To be prepared to manage unexpected and frequent changes by developing attitudes, practices and behaviours that enable participants to deal with daily personal and professional issues.

  • To acquire simple and effective practices that can be integrated in one own’s professional and private environment in order to cultivate resilience.

  • To explore the calming and healing effects of using natural essential oils, as a way of reconnecting with nature and restore a sense of well-being.

  • To experience and give space for kindness and compassion in the leadership practice.

  • Exploring and realizing inner unconscious beliefs that construct our mindset.


The three months blended learning course offers you an flexible way of learning. It consists of online sessions that you can easily follow and a 5 days residential phase, where you can experience and share together with other participants.

The blended course starts the 18th of February and ends the 31st of May 2018.

In detail the pace of the course is the following:

STEP 1- A pre-course interview aiming at:

- better understanding your working context

- exploring your expectations for the course

- agreeing on the learning contract and individual commitment

- exploring your intention for the course.

STEP 2 – Three online sessions aiming at:

- getting familiar with the online platform

- getting to know your course mates, as the collective intelligence of the group will also contribute to your learning

- getting acquainted with what we understand with Emotional Intelligence in accordance with the latest neuroscientific discoveries

- getting acquainted with ConnEQt’s leadership approach

The 3 online sessions will be held in the following mondays.

From 16:30h-18h:

18th February 2019

4th March 2019.

18th March 2019.

STEP 3 – Five days residential course in Murcia, Spain from the 26th to 30th of March 2019 (25th and 31st Travel days). This phase offers you the opportunity to reconnect with yourself, the others and the context by living experiences that involve you at a cognitive, sensory and emotional level. You will have the chance to look into how you make use of your emotional intelligence in your leadership approach. It consists of a mix of theoretical inputs, concrete practices, group and individual experiences and reflection moments. You will also be offered different tools that will support you in cultivating your emotional intelligence.

STEP 4 – Following the course you will be invited to apply in your personal working context, what you have learned so far. Coaching sessions as well as online sessions will be tailor-made for the participants to answer any upcoming learning needs.

STEP 5 – To conclude the course cycle, you are invited to send to the ConnEQt partners the experiences of your practices in your working context and to reflect on how your leadership approach and your working environment have changed.

The course has a holistic approach and values the power of the here and now. The inspirational theories and main methodological approaches are:

- Mindfulness

- Gestalt Therapy.

- Experiential learning and reflective practices

- Mindsets and Motivation

- Latest Neuroscientific researches on emotions

- Nature and Aromatherapy.

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If you are a leader or will be in a leadership position soon, and you want to engage in a process of developing the emotional intelligence as key factor for your personal, organisational and social well-being development, this course can be for you.

The course will be held in english, it is required an understanding of the language.

We will ask you to commit to attend whole learning process; from the on line pre-couse before the presencial 5 day training course, to the final coaching sesions designed to sustein the learning of the practices developed.

If you are interested in being selected to do the course, and you come from Spain, Italy, Austria and Denmark, fill in the INSCRIPTION below.

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The course entitles you to get an attendance certificate issued by UCSYD University, that will support academically the knowledge and experience acquired during your learning process.

The venue is chosen for its vicinity to nature and for its intimate atmosphere, as the residential course is meant to be a moment of retreat for profound and generative listening.

The group is also a source for learning, therefore co-living in shared rooms will become a further opportunity for going deep into the experience.

During the 5 days residential part of the course, we will work with pure essential oils of a high quality. If you feel they have done you well and supported your learning process, here you have the opportunity to take home a basic kit to sustain your ongoing learning and inner allignment.


The place we will be is called CASA DEL TRIGO (Wheat House), it is a very special place located in the municipality of Caravaca de la Cruz, a very old and monumental town in the Region of MURCIA.

CASA DEL TRIGO is located 7 Km far from the town. It is in a green rural area called La Encarnación. The house is big and it is our brand new training center.
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  • Thanks to the co-funding of the European Commission we have 5 scholarship for country for participation. In order to know the details please contact us.


Caravaca de la Cruz is a holy town located in the south of Spain, in the border of Murcia.

The Iberians, Romans and Muslims all passed through this town, its center was developed around its Castle, and built in the 15th century and commissioned by the Knights Templar.

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