Oprah Winfrey

By: Madden Healy


Oprah was born January 29th, 1954, in Mississippi. Oprah took over the TV show AM Chicago in January of 1984, people did not think Oprah would last on the TV due to her look, but her earthy, home like personality captured the audiences attention. After being physically and sexually abused most of her life Oprah decided to help children around the world. To help these children Oprah proposed a law to federal child protection legislation to keep records on all former child abusers. In 1993 the "Oprah Bill" law was signed and passed by Bill Clinton. Oprah had many talk shows in 2011 she ended her career and her shows. After she ended her career she started her own TV network called the "Oprah Winfrey Network" which was launched January 1st, 2011. In 2014 Oprah received two awards for the Best Female Action Star and the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Leadership Styles

I would say Oprah is an autocratic leader. People look up to Oprah and depend on her for many things. Also Oprah knows when and how everything should be done. Things with Oprah get done very quickly. I also think she has could be the democratic leadership type. Oprah encourages people on a regular day basis, making sure everyone feels supported. Another reason Oprah could be the democratic type is because she makes sure everyone is heard and that there ideas are expressed as well.

Leadership Traits

Oprah had many positive leadership qualities. Some qualities she has are emotionally intelligence, relatable, and humanist. Oprah is emotionally intelligent because she has been through many things in her life time. She has boosted her self awareness, also she has better communication skills and social awareness. This quality has helped Oprah because her seeing herself the way she does helps her achieve her goals that she sets. Another reason this is a positive quality because it motivates other people as well. Many people can relate to Oprah. She is a very outgoing person, people tell her really anything because she is open about what has happened to her in her childhood years. Oprah also has the humanist trait. She has impacted many lives around the world, she is not one to hold what she has to say and hide in the shadows.


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