MIS Monday Message

September 28 - October 2

What do you Notice?

Do you watch the senseless acts of violence on the news that seem to be happening all around us and wonder, "What could have prevented that?" I think we all do. Can we do anything today to possibly prevent someone in the future from making that choice?

Check out the blog post below for one teacher's journey to prevent bullying.

Garden Warriors

The pictures below are of the Garden Warriors. This group is made up of fourth grade students at MIS that want to work in the Learning Garden. They give up their recess on Fridays to work with Mrs. Grimes in the garden. On Friday, they planted a salsa garden. They are aware that it may not work because of winter being around the corner, but are not afraid to research and make changes when or if needed. One student asked, "What if this doesn't grow?" Another student quickly replied, "What if it does?" The Garden Warrior group has big plans on improvements they want to make to the MIS Learning Garden this year. Stay tuned for updates on their garden progress.

Please share pictures and updates of what your group is doing in the garden!

Tech Task of the Week

Karyn Jones did an excellent job moderating the Twitter chat this past Thursday. Way to step up and branch out! If anyone else is interested in moderating, please let me know! It's a neat way to get lots of ideas on a topic of your choice.

This week's Tech Task is to start keeping attendance online like you learned last Friday. If you have referrals, please use the new system for that as well.

Upcoming Events

Monday, 9/28

  • 5th grade team meeting, 2 - 2:40

Tuesday, 9/29

  • Julie and Blake at ERZ Meeting @ UAM, 8-12
  • 4th grade team meeting, 2 - 2:40

Wednesday, 9/30

  • 3rd grade team meeting, 2 - 2:40

Thursday, 10/1

  • Support staff team meeting, 7:45 - 8:15
  • Classified team meeting, 2 - 2:40
  • Twitter chat, 8:30 - 9:30 pm

Friday, 10/2

  • Field Day, 8 - 12:45
  • Fundraiser Assembly, 2 pm
  • Home Billie football game, 7 pm