Yeast Breads

3rd block


  • flour- gives bread structure
  • liquids- moistens dry ingredients and is necessary for gluten structure
  • Fat- adds tenderness, flavor, moistness, and flakiness, adds in browning
  • eggs- adds richness and tenderness
  • sugar-adds flavor and slows down fermentation
  • salt-adds flavor and slows down fermentation
  • yeast-causes fermentation that produces carbon dioxide needed for rising

Leavening Agents

  • Steam-water evaporates during baking steam pushes dough up
  • Yeast-breaks down sugar into carbon dioxide and alcohol necessary for rising
  • braking soda-used with an acid to give off carbon


  • Batter method-kneading is not required you stir vigorously
  • mixer method- usa a mixer to speed up mixing
  • one rise method- use fast acting yeast that only rises once
  • traditional method- dissolve yeast in warm water rise twice

yeast dough

  • dough allowed to rise at room temperature
  • refridgeator dough- rises slowly in the fridge
  • freezer dough- frozen dough that rises last time as it thaws

baking bread in

  • Bread machine- mixes and bakes in the machine. will have a brown crust
  • Microwaveoven-crust will not brown