Women's Education

Gender Equality and Female Enpowerment

In this country women may be able to vote, go to school, and speak their minds about the beliefs they have. In other countries women don't have the privilege to go to school because they can't afford it. Women and little girls dont get to go to school and get an education because their government doesn't want them to get an education and be smart enough to speak out against them. They don't want women to do anything but rise the children feed the men.
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Women's Education is an important issue and this cause needs to be supported. Promoting women's education would have a positive impact not only on women but the society as a whole. Women should be able to get a good education just like men do. Women should be treated just as equal as men. Getting an education is very important and it helps with getting a good job that's pays good amount of money to provide for a family. This need to be focused on because if this was happening in your community or to your child you would want someone to help you. Wouldn't you ? Don't let these little children grow up to be uneducated women.
Millions of little girls and young women still get denied of having a good education. Girls with higher levels of education are less likely to have children at a young age. Educated women also have a more chances of having a good, stable job. In Brazil, 37 percent of women with less than primary education are in work. Girls an women who are educated have more confidence and freedom to make descisions that affects their lives.
Be the change. Help these litlle girls and young women get an education. Please donate to the National organization for women. Help the women in need.