Unit 2 HTRLLAP Project

Balsubash Balakrishnan

Chapter 21: Marked for Greatness

Harry potters mark of greatness is the mark of a hero. The scar made him a stronger person and he faced his strengths emotionally, mentally, and physically. His quest was to defeat Voldemort. When Voldemort attacked Harry, part of Voldemort, evil, transferred to Harry. Harry in the end defeated Voldemort. Victor Frankenstein’s monster is the hero of the novel. Frankenstein’s monster was very kind and caring at first but, the human race was not accepting him and they were repulsive with his physical appearance. This caused Frankenstein to become angry and start killing people. His scars play an important role in the story.

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Chapter 22: He’s Blind for a Reason, You Know

De Lacey is a peasant who lives in a cottage with his son and daughter. De Lacey was blind old man and he was the only person who treat the monster kindly. De Lacey gave hope for humanity and helped the monster feel better. De Lacey was brought in the story to help Frankenstein understand humanity and to learn human feelings.

Chapter 23: It’s Never Just Heart Disease...

Heart symbolizes emotion. Heart Disease indicates emotional sadness. Frankenstein’s father could not bare the pain from continual deaths of his loved ones. His heart disease symbolized his emotions for the deaths of his loved ones, such as Elizabeth.

Chapter 24: ...And Rarely Just Illness

Illness shows emotional and psychological weakness in a character.

In the novel, Victor’s mom died from scarlet fever. This showed that Victor’s mom had soft mind and she showed alot care to victor. After her death victor was deeply affected and caused him to go on with creating a monster.

Chapter 25: Don’t Read with Your Eyes

Readers should read and understand the authors point of view. The readers should be able to interpret the story by asking questions. People from the twenty-first century would it an unrealistic story. Reader contemporary to the work would consider it as a interesting novel with alot meanings. Mary Shelby wrote this novel based on life experience and related it to the novel.


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