Across our always busy week there are a wonderful number of activities during the day / week we may not all get to see in action or have knowledge of. These may include sports coaching sessions, library, student passive play / fun activities, sport event / success, performing arts, academic engagement, leadership, professional learning etc etc .... A few snaps follow from some of our activities across last week ...... THANK YOU!


Parent - Teacher Conferences are 'Moments of Truth' for parents. They are important times where parents come into direct contact with us and form an impression of our school.

Be prepared – ensure that you have notes about the key areas you want to discuss and the key messages that you want the parent to understand. As well as discussing progress and achievement in academic areas it is important to consider pertinent social information. Running on time, your organisation, your welcome and your non-verbals are all important for starting off on the right foot. Making appropriate eye contact, maintaining good posture and avoiding defensive positions such as crossing your arms are important.

Always start with a smile and a positive. The most important thing in almost all parents’ lives are their children. Their children are more precious and special to them than their house or their car.

Allocate sufficient time for each meeting. Whilst it is time consuming, each parent deserves your undivided attention. You have many parent interviews to complete but this one is the most important one for this parent. Investing time in building a partnership and gaining the parent’s trust and respect will prove beneficial.

In expressing our messages it is important to ‘talk straight’. Avoid sugar coating your message or being too blunt. It is vital that the parent leaves with the message that you want to communicate.

In situations where you have concerns about the student’s progress, it is important to share these concerns with parents. However it is equally as important to have a plan for moving ahead and addressing these concerns. Resist the temptation to blame parents. They may well experience the same frustrations that you do with their son or daughter. Remember their child is an individual who makes their own choices. Even with the best intentions parents can’t ‘control’ their child’s behaviour at school. Our aim should be to foster a shared understanding and to foster a co-operative partnership WITH parents.

Stay composed - Sometimes you’ll have to touch on topics that can be a bit uncomfortable and may elicit a reaction from parents that you didn’t expect. Don’t take anything personally if the conversation gets tense. Parents want what’s best for the child as well but they might not have the best way to express that desire.

The parent–teacher conference is not only an opportunity for parents to learn from you but for you to learn from them. Nobody knows your students better than their families. Their insights into their child’s strengths and needs, learning styles and interests can help you improve their learning experiences. Your efforts to better understand their aspirations and perspectives make parents feel respected and build trust with them.

Steve Francis - Happy Schools

"Never above you. Never below you. Always beside you".

Walter Winchell

school and community linkages

Our First Wave Playgroup is an amazing start up success for 2016 and an important part of the way our school is increasingly linking with our community ....

We are receiving fantastic feedback from the participating families. The following posters evidence the important nature of the work we are doing here - Thanks Lou for work on all this!

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Les Peterkin Portrait Prize 2016

Could be considered for inclusion in your term 2 CAPA ? Entries close Friday July 1st - end of term 2. Information has been distributed by email. Also available on the google drive link below....


Last year the Premier released NSW: Making it happen - his 30 priorities for improving NSW, which include 12 Premier’s Priorities and 18 State Priorities. See

One of the 12 Premier’s Priorities is to raise the percentage of all students in the top two bands in the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) by 8% by 2019. One of the 18 State Priorities is to increase the proportion of Aboriginal students in the top two NAPLAN bands for reading and numeracy by 30% by 2019.

These targets reflect the importance of literacy and numeracy skills as the foundations for success in schooling. We know from our research – and you know from your experience in schools – that students with strong literacy and numeracy skills stay at school longer and complete their HSC, setting them up for a pathway to further study or work.

NSW schools have always had a core focus on literacy and numeracy development. To ensure we maintain this focus and do all we can to achieve these targets, we expect that every NSW school will have in place strategies to improve student literacy and numeracy outcomes and report progress to their school communities.


Commonwealth, State and Territory Education Ministers have agreed that the annual NAPLAN tests will move from pen and paper to online testing from 2017, with full participation by all Australian schools by 2019. The three school sectors in NSW have agreed that all NSW schools will transition together and an opt-in date will be confirmed by the NSW Minister for Education in 2016.

Research and trialling by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) suggests that moving NAPLAN online will have a wide range of benefits for students and teachers, including:

· Reduced time between testing and reporting - faster turnaround of results for parents and teachers and more accurate assessment of each child’s strengths and areas for development.

· Tailored test design - this approach will provide targeting of questions to student ability and will improve the precision of assessment for all students.

Some NSW schools will be approached by ACARA to participate in ongoing development, trialling and testing throughout 2016 to ensure that the move to NAPLAN online will be a success for all.

In addition, all schools will be encouraged to access an online trial assessment in Term 3, to help teachers and students familiarise themselves with the online environment. Schools will be required to meet the necessary technical requirements for online testing, including the provision of suitable devices with minimum specifications, by the beginning of 2018. Students will take NAPLAN tests on computers, laptops and portable tablet devices, and the most current requirements for these devices can be found on ACARA’s website.

For further information on research studies, testing and technical specifications, visit the Online Assessment section of the NAP

For further information or any questions about NAPLAN Online, please email the contact officer for your sector:

Government Schools -

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Free Download Maths Skills Booster - March Worksheets

Interesting info re kids needing to know their times tables automatically ....

Maths Skills Booster - March Worksheets

"Thanks again for sending through your Maths Skills Booster feedback, it is very encouraging. Here are a few recent comments:

  • Maintaining the motivation to practicing times tables
  • The smile on my child's face
  • Speed and accuracy of recall plus the joy when the times and numbers are completed and correct.
  • Seeing my children's confidence grow as their times/scores improve."

Click the links below to check this information out .....


Week 9 Term 1

Mon 21.03.16

School Site Inspection – WH&

P. & C. AGM

Tue 22.03.16

All Schools League Carnival South Tweed – Snr and Jnr

Wed 23.03.16

Staff Professional Learning Workshops AM

SHE & Challenge Program

Softball Gala Day – first rounds of PSSA Knockout – Pigabeen

Fitzpatrick Shield Hockey

Easter Hat Parade

Thur 24.03.16

Work Health & Safety Committee meeting 8.15am – Library

Kingy Playgroup – 9am – 11am

L3 Training Year 1 – 12.30pm

Reviewed Closing Date - Expression of Interest Relieving Positions due

District Winter Trials – new date

Fri 25.03.16

Good Friday

Week 10 Term 1

Mon 28.03.16

Easter Monday

Tue 29.03.16

Wed 30.03.16

Staff Meeting PM

FNC Winter Trials - Tweed

Thur 31.03.16

Kingy Playgroup – 9am – 11am

Fri 01.04.16

Exec Meeting

NC AFL – Yamba

Sun 03.04.16

Daylight Saving Ends



As a result of the recent Audit pleased be advised that all costing for excursions must go through the School Administration Manager (SAM) - Melissa Duncan. There is a pricing and planning checklist process that must be completed by the coordinating excursion teacher with the SAM before the excursion approval can be given and notes go out. Staff do not make pricing decisions as there are GST impacts that also need factoring in and it is the responsibility of the SAM as the finance officer to oversee this.

Day excursions and pricing also need to be coordinated with the SAM's assistance.


Unsatisfactory as not all classroom rolls have been submitted on time as required daily. Need to address immediately.


Unsatisfactory. High level of leave identified. Improved monitoring of leave required and outstanding leave to be followed up immediately.

Leave applications for short term absences must be submitted on the day of return or within one week of the absence at the latest. Where staff members fail to submit leave after reasonable request and identified time, the principal is required to complete an interim leave form as an 'unauthorised absence'.


Review GST components for canteen and excursions. Resubmit BAS to adjust amount owed to taxation department.


Satisfactory report - THANK YOU!

Thank you for your awareness and assistance in the audit findings and follow up required.