Dont Kill Yourself

Its Not Worth It


Do you think the 30 second rush is worth the damage it can cause??? Heroin is the most disgusting, damaging,costly, drug out there. It is an addictive Narcotic which is illegal and it comes form the plant papaverum somniferens. It can cause heavy addiction, vomiting, fainting,Disorientation, and even DEATH.


Addiction follows after using this drug. Euphoria (an excitement ; a good feeling) is felt right after the drug has entered into the blood stream. The user feels comfort and instant pain relief which is what causes them to want more of that feeling. When heroin reaches the brain, it is converted to morphine. This spreads it to all of the sensory organs and gives the good feeling. Since this feeling is created artificially, the brain losses its capability to produce it on its own. Therefore, the user cannot get pleasure if they do not use the drug.


Withdrawing from heroin is an incredibly hard process. Even if you want to quit there still will be long-term side effects. Some heroin addicts have side effects months from the last time they did heroin. They would include cold sweats, anxiety, and depression. When addicts first try to quit, they can experience diarrhea vomiting,increased blood pressure,uncontrollable twitching, and dehydration.
Hi, I'm Crystal Meth


Knowing this information you better think twice about doing any type of illegal narcotics. It can damage you temporarily, long-term or it can even kill you. Even if you decide to quit it can have effects months after you last used the drug. Heroin is an amazingly dangerous narcotic.