By: Melissa Hernandez

What is a veterinarian?

A veterinarian is a phisican who has been educated and trained to diagnose injuries in a animal.

what do they do?

job duities

Vets do bloodwork,x-rays and other tests. they fix brocken bones,take out tumors.

Also they replace knees,hips and more.

Job duties for careing for small animals.

when you work as a small animal vet, you might spay or neuter a animal, set broken bones, treating wounds and providing care for older pets. You might also take X-rays and dispense medicine for animals with illnesses.

Skills needed

Vets need to be able to run a sucsessful buisness. And provide the nessecary supplies to care for a animal. the vet also needs to be able to show empathy when there is no cure for their animal and needs to be put down. (put to sleep)


to be a veternarian you need a bachelors degree, four years of biology chemistry,phisics,nutrition,and animal science.

They also need to go to vet collage for four years.

They also need to take english and math class.


some vets may work weekends or evnings.

The salary for a veternarian range is 144,100-51,530.