Week 2: Chaparral's Good News!

April 27-May 1

Chaparral's Weekly Updates

Hello Cougars,

You should continue to monitor your Google Classrooms, and review all weekly materials emailed every Sunday or Monday. Several suggestions offered by teachers to our Chaparral students:

  1. Carefully READ all instructions
  2. Don't procrastinate
  3. When it comes to assignments, adopt Nike's motto... "JUST DO IT!"

Students, be sure to review this entire newsletter:

  • Cougar Highlights - Showing off some STAR Students
  • Counseling Corner - Our SSRAs offering ways for students to connect with them
  • Cougar PAWs - Recognizing the amazing work of your teachers; staff nominations
  • Teacher Appreciation Week - Scroll to links so you can show your gratitude to teachers
  • ASB Corner - A themed week of virtual activities
  • Class of 2020 - 8th Graders be sure to check out the important news
  • CCNN - Subscribe to our channel for current school broadcast news
  • Social Media - Follow our pages for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for the latest pictures being shared during the school closure & more!

Cougar Highlights

Cougar Pride - Tik Toks!

Checkout our Chaparral Flipgrid videos posted by students.

Class News

Several of your teachers have shared positive stories about all the amazing work you're doing online. Cougars keep focused on doing your best and striving to do better every day! Checkout the amazing work by some of our 8th Graders in Mrs. Gibbon's class - Period 2! Again, these are only a few of the many examples our staff wanted to highlight as "Good News" during these times. #CougarPride #CougarsFinishStrong
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SSRA Website

Need support? Click-on the link to connect with your SSRA.

21-Day Challenge


  • Need Emotional Support from our counselors? Click here
  • Check-out the SSRA's website for additional support - Click here
  • Fun Friday, May 1st, for 6th Graders (3:00 PM)

Upcoming May 2020:

    Chaparral’s 21-Day Quarantine Challenge

    Attention Cougars! Your counselors would love to stay connected with you and enjoy a little competition! We have a 21-day Quarantine Challenge set up and want as many students participating. Let’s see which grade level has the most spirit! Students must be part of their counselor’s google classroom to post their completed activities. Check your email or contact your counselor if you need the code. Let the competition begin!

  • MONDAY (May 4th) Day 1: Write 3-5 things you are grateful for
  • TUESDAY (May 5th) Day 2: Name someone you can talk to when you are feeling down or stressed
  • WEDNESDAY (May 6th) Day 3: Do an outdoor activity - post the activity
  • THURSDAY (May 7th) Day 4: Breathing exercise for 2-3 minutes - post “done”
  • FRIDAY (May 8th) Day 5: Positive self talk - post some statements
  • SATURDAY (May 9th) Day 6: You can type or write about how you are feeling that day - post “done”

  • SUNDAY (May 10th) Day 7: Color or draw (can also use virtual coloring tool) - Post your finished picture

Need Emotional Support?

Your SSRAs are available to check-in with students needing help during these times.

Cougar PAWs

Thank You(s) Notes to Cougar Staff

Mr. Thibeaudox - Leading an entire school through these memorable times & demanding EXCELLENCE; Mrs. Gibbons - leading the Science Dept. with resources and kindness; Mr. Pak - leading the Math Dept. with innovative ideas & virtual math instruction; Mr. Macias - creating proper math video tutorials for colleagues; Mr. Tran - Checking in on students; Mrs. Najera & Mr. Lew - Being wonderful DBL partners; Mrs. Yara Sands & Community Club - Always supporting our school activities & being the best C.C. president ever!

Teacher Appreciation Week

May 4th - 8th

Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week, from May 4-8 (Monday-Friday). Here are some activities Chaparral is encouraging you to consider:

  • Monday Meme - Let your teachers know you are thankful for them. Send them an inspirational meme or personalized card here by posting it onto our Padlet here - May 4th.
  • Tik Tok Tuesday - Dedicate a Tik Tok to your teachers or draw a poster you made for them, then share it with them by email and/or post onto our Flipgrid here - May 5th.
  • Wednesday W.O.W. - Share "Words of Wisdom" or kindness about your teacher(s) with your parents. Next, ask your parents to email your teachers with a kind note - May 6th.
  • Thursday Thoughts - Create a video on our school's Flipgrid here to let them hear about the most memorable or positive time in your teacher(s) class this year! Post - May 7th.
  • Friday Flashback - Think of your favorite teacher and write them a card, then mail it to their school address - May 8th.
Monday's Meme

Post onto the Padlet link here for our Chaparral teachers to view.

Tuesday's Flipgrid

Tik Tok inspiration can be an option. Upload onto our linked Fligrid for your teacher to view.

Wednesday's W.O.W.

A kind email from a parent is always appreciated by the teachers.

Thursday's Flipgrid

Upload onto this linked Flipgrid for your teachers to view.

Friday's Mail

Scroll down to view the school's address.

ASB Corner

School Spirit Week

  • Disney Themed Week for May 4-8th!
Class of 2020

#ShowMeYourWalk is a livestream celebration for Class of 2020 on May 2nd at 11:00 AM - Click on the link here for more information.

8th Graders - IMPORTANT Announcement!

Friday, May 1st, 2-2pm

This is an online event.

8th Graders:

  • Check your school email on May 1st
  • Complete the Google Form sent to your school email
  • Chaparral is taking steps towards planning ahead for a special event - Promotion
  • Submit your information by the latest May 8th (FRIDAY).
  • Scroll down to view a sample slide (below) or click here.
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