Everything you need to know about volume.

About volume.

Hi, Im Ally.... Knowing volume is very important. Volume is found in every three deminsional figure. Volume has different volumes for 3D shapes, but sometimes they are the same for example: rectangular prism= V=Bh and triangular prism= V=Bh.

Volume is used everyday.

Volume is used everyday. In the classroom, in your house, and at your job. Volume is EVERYWHERE. From skyscrapers to your house, it is a 3D shape by itself.

More 3D figures.

Volume: the life saver for math

Volume has a couple of steps to go with the process so it is really easy to get lost in the middle of the process. For example: V=Bh first you'll have to find the area of the base and then multiply it by the height of the 3D figure. Its not that its complicated, its that we dont pay attenion to the formula.


More or less, Volume has a different impact on all of us. Different people use different stratigies to figure out the volume, but the goal is to get the correct answer.