by Ru'kya

pros on volcanoes

volcanoes can cool down the weather More job employments and energy for your house.so dont worry about anything

good things about Hawaii volcanoes

volcanoes are not dangerous you can just relax in the hot Hawaii sun. You might think volcanoes are scary and frightening but they can actually help you in life by cooling down the weather good thing Hawaii's warm. So now you know Hawaii is the best place to live


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other interesting facts

  • volcano's can make better growth for soil for the plants and farmland
  • but before that the ash that comes and shadows the land destroys the land
  • they set fires and cannot be stoped

needs if a volcano happens

  • you can build your house out of concrete in stead of wood
  • get away fast! lava is very slow so you can escape
  • you also can have a first aid kit with water food radio and a phone to contact someone (it's just like a fire)