Saving Grace

Homeward Bound

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I found Grace on New Years Day. She was starved alone and freezing, stumbling around in a field near my house. Grace was desperate. She came up to me with such sadness and pleading in her eyes. I could not leave her there. I opended my car door and she climbed right in and immediately went to sleep in the front seat. That is all she did till the next day. Sleep and throw up. I was not sure she would make it at first. As soon as we could we got her to the vet to make sure it was nothing serious and thankfully it wasn't. She was just malnourished and weak and cold from being out in the below freezing cold.

The vet said she is about 6 years young. She was probably bred many times and lived outdoors alone or chained because her teeth are all worn down from chewing metal or rocks. I believe she was also not treated with much human kindness and in her life the human touch has not been one that held love or gentleness. She flinches and retreats when you touch her sides or her head. Little by little though, she is doing it less and less and trusting more and more.

Grace needs a family of her own. One that will show her humans can be trusted and depended on. One with a bed to sleep on and a leg to lean against, where she can look up to her human and see only a smile and eyes filled with love. She deserves a home where she will get pets and hugs and ball throws. Especially the ball throws. She really loves those!

She is smart and eager to please and I just know she will be someones best dog ever. Every life can use some Grace. She is waiting for you.

If you want to meet Grace or have questions call : Thedra Perry 610-755-5175