Food Born Illness Is Not Okay!!!

We should eat food that is safe to eat and tastes good!

Food born illness is common but shouldn't be.

There are many ways to prevent food born illness such as

*Cooking food to the right temperature

*Make sure you don't have raw meat around food that is ready to eat

*Check expiration dates

*Wash your hands

*Wash your dishes properly

Hepatitis,Salmonella, Staphylococcal food poisoning are types of food borne illnesses

Its Easy To Get It ,But How Do You Know?

Most Food borne illnesses don't show very easy to see symptoms.But if you think that you might have consumed food that might be contaminated you should speak to a doctor because the illness only has symptoms inside!

Whats Their Score!!

We don't all have control of how well restaurants cook our food but when you walk In to a restaurant their score on the health inspection should be visible if not they might be hiding something