Culture of Middle Ages and Black

By: Jacob Murray and Eric Stevenson

Black Deaths Symptoms

The Symptoms of Black Death are the following…

· Painful swelling of the lymph nodes

· The lymph nodes would start red and then turn black

· Very high fever

· Vomiting

· Muscle pains

· Bleeding in the lungs

· Mental disorientation

· The desire to sleep, which would kill the victim if they give in

· Only live 2-4 days after contracting the disease

How did it start?

The black death originated central Asia and spread to Europe. It started because of unclean rodents who had infected fleas.

It blocked the fleas stomach causing the flea to be continually hungry. So it would feast on human blood and black death would infect the human. The human and flea would die within days of infection.

Culture of the Middle Ages


Many say the era of castles and Medieval times ended at the renaissance because the renaissance brought a of technology so the medieval ways were no longer needed. So it brought us to the Modern era. Some of the great artifacts of the medieval era are the castles that can be found all over Europe, primarily in Western Europe. Security was a major concern of Europeans because they constantly were having to defend themselves from people like the Huns, Bulgars, Magyars, Mongols, Vikings, and others. Building fortified structures like castles was important for a feudal lord to establish his control over his land and to guarantee his security. The first castles were rudimentary strongholds. Castle building technology gradually developed to a fine art.


The music of the medieval era is a vast and complex topic that last about a millennia from the fall of Rome to the Renaissance. This was when Europe went through great change. There were two main types of music during the medieval era, sacred and secular music. Only the church had the institutional capability to create records of music and preserve it for future generations. An important part of church music was created by choirs.


Passion Plays are medieval dramatizations of Christ's Passion. The medieval passion plays gradually grew longer and commonly included Old Testament scenes as well as the Resurrection. They varied in content because of a wide range of local influences. They began to appear in the 10th century in a basic form and had reached their peak of development in the 14th century.

Essential Questions

1. If Black Death hadn't killed so many people what would our world be like today?
2. How did medieval culture influence our life today?


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