world war 1 gallipoli

100 years since our heros fought in the war

the causes of world war 1?

There are both long and short causes of the war. the long causes are militarism, alliances, imperialism and nationalism. the short term causes include the assignation of archduke franz Ferdinand of Austria-hungry.

the four main causes of war created tension between the countries in Europe. militarism is the policy of building up or creating a large military. countries like Germany britian and the main ones all had good weapons and things that are powerful. alliances is an agreement between two or more countries to help each other out and defend their land. there were two main alliences, central powers: Austria, Germany, Serbia and Italy. the other alliances were called allies which had: Russia, france and britian in it. another main cause is imperiasliam. imperialism is a country that attempts to extend its power and influence over other countries though diplomacy or military force. nationalism is a main cause as well. its about the pride in ones country. extreme nationalism is to believe you're better than other countries and or people and are willing to defend your country.

the australian involvement in the war

what they thought,but what really happend

Australia was a big part of the war. Australia had England's back so if they went to war Australia had to back them up. England were one of the key forces in the war which brought Australia in the war and made them a key as well. Australian people thought it was good to enter the war and they were proud to be fight for their country. The Australian males who went to war felt like if they worn the uniform women would like them more. Also when they entred they were exited and though it was it was an adventure. when Australia went to war everything was different, It was hard and challenging. the aussies didn't know how to react. the were treated bad from the British government and when they Turkish, The British government sent the Australians out and knew they we going to all die so they pretty much used the aussie and protected the British. this was one of the big mistakes in the war and cost a lot of Australian lives and had a lot of conflict when it decided to send them out and after the war when they realised the British used the aussie before the British fighters.

Major battles in the war:

-Gallipoli, turkey

-Fromelles on the somme, France, july 1916

-Bullecourt, france, 1917

-Messines Belgium, 1917

-Ypres Belgium, 1917

-Hamel Spur, france, 4th july 1918

-Mont St Quentin, France

-Peronne France

-Hindenburg Ian, France

The major battle in Gallipoli was a very sernificant war in Australian history. This war was a major one and is that important that on the 11th of the 11 at 11:00 we remember the lost. Some of the styles of combat are trench warfare mostly used by the Europeans and is used by the countries soldiers going in a trench and waiting for the right moment to attack another trench, and take it over. Also there was attacks at the sea used by countries who had the navy. Another style of combat is air combat used by the Australians and in the middle east they used house back where the Aussies went over there and used the houses to fight.

home front

the way the war affected soiety

The war affected Australia a lot. we as aussie lost a lot of males and females at the war. this was the first time that Australia went to war as one. years before we were different states but at this war we were one and this why its important and means a lot to Australia. The Australians were actually really happy bout going war but once they got there and done it they realised it was like hell. Heaps families were effect. Most men left their wife and kids at home which was hard on most families and especially on the wife of the men its worst. The war also effect business because men when they were home they done everything and since most of them went to work the business went pear shape. They had to get women to do male jobs which was big in Australian history cause it gave women rights and things changed. Everything from the war changed Australia's history.

commemorating the war

anzac day

Anzac day is a very special day in Australia history. Anzac day is annually held on the 25th of April.

Anzac legend:

Anzac day has become the major celebration day where we remember everything bout the war. Anzac day celebrates the great traditions of Gallipoli in 1915. quote: Anzac day goes beyond the anniversary of the landing on Gallipoli in 1915. it is the day we remember all Australians who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations. the sprit of Anzac, with its human qualities of courage, mateship and sacrifice continues to have meaning and relevance o our sense of national identify.{text book pg 209}

Armistice/ Remembrance:

The remembrance of Anzac day is very inmportant to Australians. it is close to our hearts and every time its time to remember we all show respect and remember the ones that fought for us and died.

Study of history:

So today in Australian we learn and study about world war 1. we think about the challengers of going to war and returning. in most Australian class when they learn about Australian history world war 1 id were significant and close to most people hearts. students learn about how it was like in the war and what people thought when they went there, and what it was actually like. without learning this people wouldn't know what it was like. they also learn about how its starts and why aussies were involved and all that. world war 1 is history and people need to learn about it.

War memorials:

There are plenty of significant war memorials in Australia and in the world. one of the most significant for me in Melbourne is the shine of remembrance. This place is very important to aussie cause it has heaps of detail about the war and just so significant. this place has all the war metals and things thy did and how everything happened. It is also a place where we remember the lost and everyone who contributed in the war.

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