Traits of a Cub Poster

Design a Poster for Our Cub Traits

Traits of a Cub

Do you know the 3 traits of a Cub? Now is a great way to put your design skills to work and show off your school spirit!

You will be designing a poster that has the three traits of a Cub on it using the Lucidpress Document App in your Google Drive. This assignment is also part of a CONTEST!

DUE DATE: Poster is due at the end of class, Wednesday, March 1, 2017

File Name: LastNameFirstNameCubTraits

Video Tutorial

If the YouTube embedding does not work below, use this link provided to view the video. (note: you must be logged in to your Midlothian ISD google account to view.)

Traits of a Cub Video Tutorial

Using Lucidpress Documents

To get your document started, you will need to add the Lucidpress Documents app in your Google Drive. See the image below for the icon in Drive.

  1. You will need to create a new document.
  2. Name the document [LastNameFirstName]CubTraits
  3. Go to the right side where it says "PAGE"
  4. Change the page SIZE to "LETTER (8.5x11)"
  5. Change the dimensions to INCHES
  6. Change the orientation to PORTRAIT
  7. Change the margins to 0.25
Big image
Big image

The Three Traits of a Cub

Want to see the original poster? Click to view the Student Handbook online.

  • Respect: Considerate of others, treats others with civility, courtesy, and dignity; accepts personal differences with other; Works to solve problems without violence; Never intentionally ridicules, embarrasses, or hurts others.
  • Character: Does not make excuses or blame others; is accountable for one's own actions; uses good judgement and thinks through the consequences; Exercises self-discipline and self-control; always tries to do what is right, even when it's costly or difficult; is trustworthy and truthful. A CUB IS TRUE TO HIS VERY BEST SELF!
  • Perseverance: Learns from mistakes and failures; does not give up just because things seem difficult; does not procrastinate; sets goals, stays focused and seeks opportunity; maintains a positive attitude and looks for the brighter side of situations

Get the FSMS Logo

Click to access the FSMS Logo. You will need to download it, then upload it to your design.

FSMS Logo Information (colors, etc.)

Use Your CARP Principles

Remember to consider your CARP Principles of Design! Make your poster LOOK AWESOME!!!!!

To Turn In

When you have completed your poster design, do the following:

  1. SAVE your document
  2. In Lucidpress go up to File>>Download As
  3. Choose the option of PDF
  4. Drag the PDF back into your Google Drive in your class folder
  5. Copy the share link for the PDF from Google Drive to the corresponding assignment in Canvas.
  6. Post the PDF in the Padlet to share the design with your classmates.
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