Leo's Lovable Locations

By: Leo Hall

Hang Out Spots


This skate park is one of the best skate parks around town. As well as being a skate park, it also contains two basketball hoops, two sand volleyball courts, a rock wall, a ping pong table, as well as a room for parties.

FHMS Track

Whether you're going to race with friends, have a picnic, or just fall asleep on the green grass inside the track circle, this place is the perfect Saturday location for those sunny afternoons with friends.


Red Robin

Red Robin is the perfect lunch diner for a family, or friends. From a simple plate of fries, all the way to their signature Royal Burger, everything there is delicious. No matter what you order, everyone leaves with full stomachs and happy faces.

Bahama Bucks

No matter what the temperature is, you'll always be up for Bahama Bucks. From plain old ice cram, all the way to the finest of shaved ice, they have almost every frozen treat imaginable. Think of a flavor. Your favorite flavored snow cone. Now mix it with another. They have it! Bahama Bucks is known for their wacky assortments of flavors of snow cones. They'll have you drooling for your next cone after you eat here!



Although there are Targets almost everywhere now, one of my favorite things to do to this day is roam, aimlessly, through Target. Whether you are just plain bored, or actually have something to buy, Target is always an adventure here in Missouri.

Wood And Wheels Skate Shop

Even if you aren't a skater, everyone will feel welcome in this shop. From the workers, all the way down to the feel that you get when you walk in, this shop is one of my all time favorite stores. Everyone feel at home when they walk in to this shop.