Ramses the Great

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Vital statistics (BC time period)

1301: Ramses date of birth
1291: Ramses named commander and chief of the Egyptian army
1290: Ramses is named chief regent and marries Nefertari
1289: Ramses joins his father king Sethos 1 in military campaign that captures Amurru and Quadesh
1287: Ramses participates in Sethos's Libyan campaign
1280: Prince regent takes part in Sherden Pirate (sea people) campaign.
1279: King Sethos 1 dies
1279: Ramses is crowned as king of Egypt
1277: Ramses begins construction of a new capital Piramses and the Ramesseum
1274: The battle of Quadesh
1272: Approximate date design began on the Abu Simbel temples
1259: Peace treaty with the Hittites
1258: Death of Ramses mother Queen Tuya
1255: Death of Ramses beloved wife queen Nefertari
1255: Dedication of Abu Simbel
1254: Isetnofret is crowned great royal wife
1246: Queen Isetnofret's date of death
1246: Ramses marries Hittite princess Maathorneferure
1236: Ramses marries a second Hittite princess
1225: Ramses declares his son Merenptah as his heir
1212: Ramses dies in August
1193: Fall of the Hittite empire
1191: Ramses the III defeats the Sea people
1976 AD: Ramses' mummy goes to Paris museum

Interesting things about Ramses the Great

Ramses the Great is incredibly interesting first because he wrestled a bull at age 9. Then he became the commander and chief of the Egyptian army when he was only 10 years old. Then he married his wife, Nefertari, at age eleven! He even had more than one wife! Next he created the first ever peace treaty and he made it for him and his long rival the Hittites. He also was the ruler of Egypt when Moses lead the Jews out of Egypt in the bible. This man also lived in the BC-AD times for 90 years unlike most people who only lived around 30 years total.

Ramses mummy

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Descriptions of Ramses

1. Courageous: When he was only around age 9 he fought a bull.
2. Strong: He was able to almost single handedly slay all of the Hittite army.
3. Smart: He strategically built many temples and tombs.
4. Prideful: He built hundreds of statues of himself and he always thought he was the best at everything.
5. Lover: He dated and married over three girls.

Ramses Effect on the world

Ramses had a big effect on the world through his temples, statues, and his actions. He helped us learn about the times before us. Some of the temples are still in good shape while some have barely been able to stay in one piece. He also influenced us by his relationship with the bible's Moses. He was the pharaoh of Egypt when Moses took the Jews from Egypt. This man also influenced the Hittites by slaying hundreds of them and making a peace treaty with them. He was an incredibly beloved leader of the Egyptians.

Shaping Ramses life

Ramses life was effected in many different ways. His life was first affected by his fight with a bull. Then it was affected by him having to bury his own father, and then his wives. He did overcome many obstacles though, first he overcame his fear of bulls. Next he overcame the Hittites by creating a peace treaty. Ramses was very good at overcoming all obstacles in his way. Ramses is beloved for always being there for his people.


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