Rome Italy

and its wonderful culture

Major indestries

Rome does not have any major industries.

Climate weather

Summer 28-16 degrees c Fall 20-7 degrees c. Fall is the wettest season of all in the


Winter 13-2 degrees c Spring 15-22 degrees c

cool sites in rome WOW!

Physical faetures

Some physical features in Italy Thames river and Alps Mountain

Natural resources

Natural gas, sulfur, fish, marble, crude oil reserves, and arable land.

latitude and longitude of rome

41,9000 degrees N

12,5000 degrees E



Major forms of transportation

Bus network

and subways

types of clothing worn

women wear: casual anca party

men wear whatever

Foods eaten



Floridi di zucca: zucchini flowers deep fried and filled with mozzarella and anchovies

tourist atractions

coliseum, St. peters basilica, trevi fountain, pantheon, roman forum

Languges spoken

Italian, English, French Latin and other languages due to tourist


9.5% of non Italians live in rome


Roman catholic

Major cities

Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan, Naples, Verona, Turin, Bologna

Other intresting facts

Rome is the dates back to 625 B.C. Rome had few women in early Rome Romulus(771-717) stole women in other countries