Feed the Funnel

One Saturday - 20,000 Meals

Once again this year our church is hosting the Feed the Funnel packing party on Saturday, March 19th. Last year we spent about 2 hours total packing 10,000 meals. Our goal this year with other surrounding churches is to double our efforts. Last year 10 churches helped with raising the $2500 needed to purchase the 10,000 meals. The goal this year is $5,000. This means our church needs to raise $500 to do our part in helping raise enough money. If any of your Sunday school classes or women’s/men’s groups would like to help with this goal please mark your gift accordingly. The meals go to pantries in Boone, Baxter, Searcy and Newton county.

Feed the Funnel

Saturday, March 19th, 9am

1100 West Bower Avenue

Harrison, AR