In Loving Memory of the Motions

Dear Angel and Eric Smith

Unfortunnatly my parents have died in a fire. You are invited to join me at there funeral in Austin Texas at the state cemetary. Its on 3/3/15 and it goes 12:00 through 2:00 and I hope you can join me to say our last goodbyes. To RSVP please conatact 214-453-6767.


Lonnie Locomotion

Tuesday, March 3rd, 12-2pm

909 Navasota Street

Austin, TX

Mitty's Life With Small Pox

Mitty is a 13 year old boy who lives in NYC and didnt worry about anything untill now. A while back Mitty's teacher assigned him a medical paper and he was not allowed to use the internet. So Mitty went to his vacation house and found some old medical. He started looking through them and found some scabs of a deadly illness. Small poxs. Mitty didnt know at the time that those were small pox scabs so he touched them and made contact.

Mitty went a long time without telling anyone. Until he started feeling the symtoms of small pox. So he contacted the medical school of Havard. Then before you knew it everybody in New York knew Mitty had small pox. They started to quarantine all of NYC to prevent the spread of small pox.

Later Mitty was snatched up in a van by terrorists wanting to spread the disease small pox. They trapped Mitty in a basement for days feeding him nothing but fast food. Mitty knew after a few days he didnt have small poxs. But he had a good way to get out of the basement. After a week of being down there he found a furnace with powdered rust. So he put is all over his body and faked small pox.

He waited fot the terrorists to open the door then he ran towards him and they got knocked out. Another terrorists came down and Mitty hit him in the head with a brick. Then the police busts throught the door and arrested all the terrorists. Mitty was free and he was able to prove he didnt have small pox.

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How To Build A Garden

Building a garden is hard work, but if you put in the effort it will turn out great. All you need is seed,water,soil, and it needs to be the right season. You start off by making sure the soil is nice and rich then you plant the seeds. Then add some water, but not to much because it will die.

Make sure sure you plant your crops in the right season or else they will die due to cold or to hot weather. Another major thing is where you plant the plants. If it is in the shade they will not have eniugh light to grow, I recomend a community garden.

Alot of bugs may eat your plant but a good way to stop that is ladybugs, ladybugs will eat the insects that eat your plant. So its a win win and a loss for the bugs. Gardens arnt for everyone,but I recomend starting one because you dont know until you try it.