Paramore- Ain't It Fun

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Paramore- Ain't It Fun

Ain't It Fun?

Ain’t It Fun is a song by rock band Paramore. It’s on their fourth, self-titled album, Paramore. The song was released in 2014. It is a pop rock track, though it samples other genres, such as funk and gospel. It is their most successful song in the US to date.

History of Paramore.

Paramore is a band from Franklin, Tennessee. They were formed in 2004. The band has 4 studio albums (All We Know Is Falling, Riot!, Brand New Eyes, Paramore) and is made up of lead singer Hayley Williams and guitarists Taylor York and Jeremy Davis. The band is considered by most as rock, but some more specific genres that they’ve done are pop punk, pop rock, and power pop.

What's It About?

The song’s lyrics are very sarcastic in tone. The song is about growing up and living in the real world. The song is written about the lead singer, Hayley Williams, after she moved to LA. She says this song is a bit of a “wake-up-call” to herself. The song’s melody is very upbeat and catchy, possibly to counter the sarcastic and rather dark lyrics. The very chorus of the song is snide, as it repeats “Ain’’t it fun living in the real world?” while the rest of te songs shows that no, no it’s not.

My Opinion

I personally like this song. I’ve always been a huge Paramore fan, so when I heard that they were developing a fourth album after a long hiatus, I was excited. I think the album was a great return to form, and this song is my favorite off it. The lyrics have a meaningful message, but it’s delivered in such a sarcastic way. I also liked how they weren’t afraid to try new things with this track, adding a gospel choir, a fairly obscure musical tool.


Overall, I love the lyrics, tone, and melody of this song. It’s extremely catchy, and I’m glad that this was the song that went viral off their fourth album. Hopefully they continue to put out great music like this. Many artists have said that rock is a “dead genre”. However, bands like Paramore show that while it might not be as intense as it used to be, rock is still alive and well.
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