The Printing Press

A tool that revolutionized printing today!

Who really invented the Printing Press?

Well the man we believe invented the printing press Johann (or Johannes) Gutenburg, really just improved on already existing technology.

The One Big Question about the Printing Press

Why the Printing Press was invented: The Printing Press was invented because it was a lot faster than the first, basic way of printing, and Johannes knew he could reproduce texts in great numbers.

How this tool impacts our lives today

The Printing Press impacts our life to day, because if someone didn't think there was anything wrong with the first way of printing then we might not have, Newspaper or even books to read. But, luckily we did have someone to think about the first way of printing.

Disadvantages of the Printing Press

The Printing Press may have a couple disadvantages like the chance of injury if your not careful and watching what you are doing, and maybe a misprint of the ink on the paper.

What the Printing Press contributed to our society

The Printing Press contributed to our society by giving us a more efficient way of printing.

Facts about the Printing Press

  • The Printing Press was used by applying pressure to a inked surface
  • The Printing Press was first invented in China
  • The Press was improved in Europe by Johann Gutenberg