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What is Google Forms?

Google Forms is an easy way to collect and organize information responses - surveys, polls, registrations and assessments. You can create your unique form with a number of question format options and even include images, videos and a custom theme. Google collects the responses to your form in a Google Sheet, which can then be organized or shared with others.

How can I use it to enhance & transform my classroom?

Google Forms will allow you to collect responses from students easily and efficiently. Here are just a few ideas of how you can put Google Forms to work for you:

What are other educators saying about it?

  • "Workflow simplification. Old way to give a quiz: type up the questions, print out the sheet, make photocopies, pass them out, collect them, grade them, enter the data into a spreadsheet then analyze the data. New Google Forms method: type up the questions, email the quiz, look at the results." M. Goldstein read full review

  • “The collection and organization of info made simple with Google Forms.” EdShelf read full review

  • More Reviews & Lesson Flows

Google Forms a teacher/student connection

Self-Paced Training

Things to Read and Watch

IMPORTANT NOTE! Google has release major improvements and updates to Google Forms! This course will teach you how to use the NEW format. If you see something like the image below when you go to forms, you are still in the old format. Click the link to switch over!

If you are building a complete lesson in Google Forms, such as those for eLearning Days, the mini course below will show you quick information specific to that process.

The content that follows will teach you more about using Forms.

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Using the New Google Forms
Collect and analyse data | Forms & Add-ons | The Apps Show
The Apps Show video is a great overview, may not have really helped you know how to find and install add-ons, and two they featured may not be the most applicable to you as a teacher. The video below will show more clearly how to search for and get add-ons. Then check out the descriptions of recommended add-ons for teachers.
How to Get Add ons in the New Google Forms

Using Google Forms for Assignments & Assessments

Google Forms can be a great way to have students complete an assignment or quiz. There are two options for getting some or all of your questions auto-graded. Read the article below for a great side-by-side comparison of Google Forms Quizzes verse the Flubaroo Add-On for grading. Tutorials for each feature follow.
Grading Options in Google Forms
Flubaroo Overview

Learn by Doing

In case you need help...


  • Use Google Forms with your students and/or colleagues. Create your form, send it, collect responses and evaluate your results. If it's an assessment, make it a Form Quiz or use Flubaroo to grade it!

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