Child Labor is Bad

Look at the kid, see what they did!

All across the US, children as young as 6 years old were sent to factories to make money for their families. Although the children were making money, the conditions for the work was horrible. They had to endure long hours, low pay, and extremely dangerous working conditions. Look at some of these pictures to get just a glimpse of this horror.

Why Was This Happening?

The reason for child labor was simply the fact that big businesses wanted people to work for them cheaply and efficiently.

Images of the Horror and Rebellion

The Road to the End

What Was Done About it?

In 1938 political reformists and muckrakers found out about child labor and its horid nature and put an end to it.

In the End

In America child labor has ended, but in other countries it is still happening. We have seen what it can do and it is our job to stop it.