Becks First Christmas List

Amy- Hand Cream

Jim - Dress Shirts


Amy- Earrings

Jim- Ties

Tie Bar -19



Plum + Pocket sq

Jim - Jug Band Characters

Felted Otters

I am picking up Emmet for him <3

Would love to collect all of them for Jim. otter&ref=sr_gallery_5

Amy - Quality LL Bean Sweater

The Honeymooners

Luggage -199

The Becks - sheets

Queen white

Jim- Shave starter kit

Shave set- 30

Jim Shirts

Flannel Large 19.90

Flannel Large 19.90

TSHirt Andy Warhol 19.90


Amy - Art shirts

XLarge 19.90

XLARGE 19.90

Amy- Socks

JIm- Socks

JIm- Mug

The Becks - Notecards

Amy Pearl earrings

Shiny sparkly and bright 44

Amy- Magazine Subscription

Sweet Paul - 60 annual subscription

LuLaRoe Leggings

Black (Lg) or a mild print.

These are very soft

Vinyl/ Records: I love Chet Baker and Bill Evans and a few other favorites

Bill Evans "Portrait in Jazz"

Bill Evans " The Complete Village Vanguard Series"

Chet Baker & Bill Evans - "The Complete Sessions"

Chet Baker - "Chet Baker Sings"

Josh Groban Christmas album

Harry Connick - "We are in Love"

"Jug Band Christmas Album"

Recipe box and cards : rifle paper is my favorite brand

Cards - $12

Box - $34

Makeup brushes

Brush Set -

I really only need a big contour one and some brush cleaner

Calendar for Home- Animal portraits

Calendar - 14.99

Stamp Sets - I love all stamps

Stamp sets - 27.95

I also could use pads - I already have deep blue, black, gold, white and yellow. A red, evergreen would be nice.

Also could use s fresh stamp cleaning set.

Rachael Ray - Lasagna Lugger

Lugger - 34.99