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A moment in time City Year style...

"Hey It's You, You're Here, That's Great!

You may hear the City Years chanting and cheering that outside in the mornings as they do something called POWER GREETING for the scholars. This is a part of the City Year culture where we try to get the students hyped up about the school day. We also make it a point to use their names when we welcome them to signify that we know who they are and we care about them being present EVERY DAY at school. Curious to know about our Power Greeting, come out and join us (or watch). The team is out there on Monday, Wednesday or Friday mornings starting at 8:40am.

A little more about what we do here at FDR...

Celanese - City Year at Franklin D. Roosevelt High School

A Founding Story


“Ubuntu” (oo-buun-tu) is a shortened version of a Zulu proverb, “Umuntu ngumuntu ngamantu,” which means: “I am a person through other people. My humanity is tied to yours.”

Ubuntu also conveys the idea that a person cannot be complete if others do not enjoy full humanity. The spirit of Ubuntu resonates so strongly that if one group within society is denied its humanity, then no individual in that society can fully realize his or her own humanity. The urgency to change this injustice becomes paramount.

We can put the spirit of Ubuntu – respect, human dignity, compassion, and community – to work in our daily lives through our interactions with others, from greeting others as we pass them in hallways or on the street, to ensuring that all segments of society are included in social welfare policies so that each person has the means to lead a life of dignity. Ubuntu has the power to help us build an inclusive, respectful, and vibrant community, nation and world.

Team Value of the Month

Belief in the Power of Young People

We are committed to harnessing one of the most powerful forces for positive change at work in the world today.

The energy and idealism of young people are the two the most powerful and transformative forces at work in the world today. From advancing civil rights in the United States, to helping end segregation in South Africa, to promoting democracy in the Middle East, the dedication of young people in our world is moving mountains. At City Year, we’re committed to tapping this power and using it to help spur change in the lives of the students and communities we serve. In the process, we’re striving to help foster a generation of empowered, experienced, effective, and idealistic leaders. Because our experience has shown that when you give young people big goals, they inevitably surpass the highest of expectations to achieve extraordinary results.

The Celanese Foundation Team

Celanese has been am an amazing partner to us here at FDR. From helping to sponsor the team in the school, to assisting with multiple service days, to allowing their staff photographer to come spend time with the photography club Celanese has made FDR a priority for them. The garden, outdoor classroom and the small gym murals are just some of the projects that they have completed in and around campus.

If you see any of them on campus, please say thank you!

If you have events and other opportunities for them to get involved and support (whether you need man power or need ideas) the scholars of FDR, please contact Ashley Hamilton the Impact Manager for City Year 972-261-4497 or .

About Us...

Impact Manager - Ashley Hamilton

AmeriCorps Team Leader - Denzil Davis

Second Year AmeriCorps Member- Hailey Heikkinen

First Year AmeriCorps Members - Bria Mitchell, Caleb Moen, Chaz Smith, Daniqua Windsor, Ericka Robinson and Rosangelica Castillo