The Teenage Times

Teens And Technology


By Jordan Cummings

Technology plays a big role in the lives of teenagers. The importance of the Internet in a teenager's life increases with every day that goes by. Teenagers are starting to use the Internet in a myriad of ways, which range from doing schoolwork to transporting themselves halfway around the world.

The big problem recently have been over the use of the Internet in schools today. Some school may not have Internet access, but now in this generation using technology in school has become a necessity. Teenagers that have the privilege to get on the Internet in school have a distinct advantage over the students who are less fortunate. Internet-able students have the possibility to access information at an unbelievable pace, and creating their reports becomes less tedious, and may even get kids interested in school. The advantages only begin with school work; the workforce is also centered around the computer, and knowing how to use the Internet while a teenager is a big advantage when they do enter the workforce and even college! Now those are the pluses, and of course where there is a plus there is always a minus. There is always going to be a fear of kids using the Internet in an insidious manner. I believe that you can eliminate that fear with a few weeks of Internet basics and Internet safety education.

So let's say that your school does have access to the Internet If I had a teacher that incorporated the Internet with their lessons, I would definitely be more interested in school. A English teacher have kids get on the Internet and read movie reviews, then have the kids rent the movie and see if they agree with the experts. Maybe they could write their own review and send it to Siskel and Ebert!

Now the situation becomes that not only does the school have access to the Internet, but teachers are also using it effectively in their lessons. So answer my question, will this help kids get better grades? Well here is my opinion on that subject. Its a 50/50 chance. Some teenagers will use its as a blessing and some kids will procrastinate. They will take this blessing and use it for granted Something they will say is “I'm going to sit back and not care what is going”. If I had to build the perfect Internet school, I would start by letting kids have a lot of hands-on activity. Instead of having the teacher doing stuff on the computer, have the student maybe even run a lesson off the Internet. I believe that would get kids interested in school. Ideally,. This would allow time for the questions to be answered, and it would also force them to get to work, because you couldn't really give them homework on the Internet.

One final thought about the Internet in schools and the Internet in the lives of teenagers in general is this: as long as the correct intention is there, the Internet can become a useful tool. It is useful in that not only can teenagers do interesting schoolwork, but they can also hear what other teenagers across the world have to say about an issue that affects all of them. The Internet is increasingly becoming the tool that will lead kids into their dream jobs: giving them a head-start with technology will help them in the future

The Curse Of Connection

By Paul Espinoza

The prevalence of connectivity and technology in the younger society is exponentially expanding past reasonable proportions. The consumerism based society we live in literally forces the need of the latest technology to be considered “normal” by the masses. Originally technology was imagined to help and ease our life, but the truth is that it has consumed and distorted the life of all those who use these innovations.

The severity of which people choose to use technology has become so great that it is considered an addiction, as well as a medical disorder, known as IUD or Internet Use Disorder. That in itself is a real shocker, that the it has become so severe that it had to become classified as a mental disorder that needs to be addressed. A good estimate would slate a few million Americans to have the disorder and that possibly need treatment or mental rehabilitation.

Like most addictions and mental illnesses the patient afflicted with such problem they lack the mental capacity to take an introspective view of the situation and their actions to self diagnose, or even have any amount of self awareness about the problem. The reason that this illness is a problem is dangerous is because people generally in younger generations don’t realize that it’s an actual problem, and the older generations aren't’t exactly unaware but they have become accepting of the problem, and desensitized towards the problems that come along with this addiction.

Thought I believe that this is an epidemic, I don’t think that the technology was the cause of the giant problem. The problem was the social pressure to stay connected and the social idea that this is the populous idea that makes you fit into the mold of social requirements and teen and adolescent minds automatically buy into this idea and take it to the extreme where they use the connection even why they’re face to face with someone they choose to communicate on various social media and messaging platforms.

There is also a mentality in teenagers of them either wanting to, or having to broadcast every action and idea that remotely interests them. Instagram is a prime example, this application was made to share picture with each other people, but I feel it has become completely misused, and now its main use is to share people's entire life, it’s almost saddening that teenagers have this urge to share their every action in what seems like an attempt to receive attention and compliments. This mentality also contribute to reasons why teenagers have such an addiction, the connection helps facilitate their HPD, or Histrionic Personality Disorder, so that they can receive that deep burning desire to be accepted.

Technology as a whole, whether it’s positive or negative I think is a very debatable subject, and most likely won’t ever have a definitive answer. The judgement must be made like that of beauty, it can only be judged by the eye of the beholder, and that’s why it will be hard to ever make any strong decision on a way to fix the problem with both sides having valid arguments. The only problem with trying to solve this epidemic is by putting restrictions, which can severely hurt someone’s livelihood in the booming technology and internet sector of the market, and possibly restricting the possibility of future advancement in what seems to be currently, one of the most life changing and bettering field in the world. Which also helps further develop other field which include the medical field that could remedy this disorders.

With no definitive answer to everything fixing this problem will be very difficult and possibly painful process. The fix to the disorder won’t come from laws or medical treatment, it has to come from either, a complete change in the social structure of young adults and their mindset on connectivity, which is barely plausible with the size that the culture is, or a parent initiated restriction on their children, which will only be successful with parents that are aware of and want to change the situation, as well as one that is willing to deal with the backlash from their child, which is inevitable with how much importance is linked to the culture that is causing this problem. So maybe this problem will never be solved, but one thing is for sure. If it is fixed it will be extremely difficult and a lengthy process.

Response To "The Curse Of Connection"

By Michelle Diaz

Dear Paul,

Regarding “The Curse of Connection”, I strongly agree with your view point on the issue of this generation misusing and overusing technology. I also hope to see a change soon come, I have a younger brother he is eight years old and instead of being outside running around being active and such. He is constantly playing video games and watching television, also using the computer. He knows how to use my mom’s phone better than she knows how to.

Technology is a useful tool; however, it’s a factor to many negative side effects such as kids becoming more antisocial, developing eyesight issues and becoming lazy. Children constantly over use this tool is leading to a steep incline in all these issues and more.

Teenagers And Technology

By Patrick Dimigan

Technology plays a big role in our society today. It is the heart and soul of teenagers in this era. They believe that technology is the reason why they are getting high grades, doing nothing but sit around in their houses and log onto their social media sites. I mean there’s nothing wrong with doing nothing but sit, lie down, be a dud and not obeying their parents when they’re supposed to. Using technology is a great way to start a great and successful life, just stay at home don’t go outside, don’t socialize at all, might as well install some devices in your body so you won’t have to worry about forgetting them. Who needs to go to school when you can just stay home and do your search everything you need to learn and at the same time you can develop a disease that could kill you by not moving around, isn't that great? Learning and gaining something at the same time. Why do you have to waste your time socializing to people in person when you can just send them texts and call them through your phone so you don’t have to bother getting up and telling them. These things can benefit you so much if you just do it more often, 20 hours a day 5 hours of sleep is the best method to start.

Response To "Teenagers And Technology

Michelle Diaz

Dear Patrick,

Regarding “Teenagers and Technology”, I very much so like your satire piece. I too feel aggravated with the lazy teenagers of this generation. For instance; I hate it when my friends don’t want to come over to my house to study together, they’d rather video chat with me. Is there something wrong with me, do I stink or something? Why wouldn’t you just want to come over, we can communicate slightly better. Also we can hang out, and eat snacks or something like that.

It’s a bit offensive when people do not want to socialize anymore, and when they do they aren’t very good at it.

All they ask are common questions they send in texts, like “what’s up?”, and “what are you doing? ” Teenagers have become so lazy; and want to do everything without effort, but news flash. Life does not work that way with everything, if you want something you go and you get it. They can’t hide behind their phone screens forever

Teenagers Without Technology?

By Jordan Cummings

Are teenagers addicted to Wifi ? In this day and age technology is a big thing in our generation. What will we ever do without it ? How will be the world be without internet ? What are some Advantages and disadvantages What are the risks of technology ?

Many of today's teens spend much of their time with their faces buried in a computer monitor or smart phone. For example, he or she who instinctively pulls out their smart phone whenever their parents begins lecturing them might be addicted to technology because such a reaction is to avoid conflict. Teenagers are attracted to technology. Sometimes when teenagers are stressed , they often turn to what’s comforting to them, something that easy to focus on, which can be Youtube Videos, Free online games, social media (such as facebook, myspace, instagram, and twitter) , Online Entertainment (such as meez, habbo , imvu and zwinky), and Video chatting. Most teenagers are struggling understanding who they are and how to present themselves. One attraction of technologies such as online video games and the Internet is the anonymous it brings, which allows teens to express themselves without putting their ego at risk. Technology addiction can have several negative effects on a teen. The attractiveness of anonymity can be a con. For example a teen might embarrass himself at a party, but that’s something not easily done online. Such an avoidance of social settings, in combination with the draw of the Internet, could lead to a teen shutting himself off from his peers. Another risk can also leaks into family life. A teen who overuses technology or uses technology to cope with problems might refuse to engage in a family discussion or family activities in favor of using the newest gadget or phone application. Addiction can affect a teen’s work and academic performance. A teen who rushes to get online after school neglects his homework. Teenagers are know for procrastination, for example a teenager will go home and watch youtube videos, Online games or get on social media before they will do their homework. Teenagers will text in class instead of listening to the teacher giving lectures . Many United States teens say they are addicted to social media and texting, But they feel positive overall about how social media sites such as Facebook and text messaging have helped them connect with friends and family. The mixed feelings that teens have about digital communication sheds new light on a population growing up immersed in online technology. Research is scant on the behavioral and developmental effects of technology on youth.

The Internet is a seductive place, especially for today's linked-in teens who are far more likely to add graffiti to their friend's Facebook wall than they are to actually get on their bicycle and ride over to that same friend's house. You have to admit it would be a challenge to connect face-to-face with someone you've never met in person and who lives in a different time zone. There lies the problem. The Internet is perfect for teens. Today's social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter let them represent themselves as whomever, or whatever, they want. Everything is edited by them, chosen specifically to present the face they want the world to see. And if they decide to change that face, then they just delete some pictures, and add some new friends. The Internet is a part of today’s culture that many teenagers cannot even imagine what the world was like before the Internet existed. The Internet is fun, informative and a great source of communication with others. It's an educational tool and users can learn about almost anything. Sharing information through Internet is easy, cheap and fast. Teenagers have access to billions of websites containing information in the form of text, pictures and videos.

So how will life be without technology ? what are some advantages or disadvantages ? Life without technology will be very different. I am Positive teenagers will go insane if it was no technology. how will they live ? Some advantages would be a simpler life , Not stealing people identities , cyber-bullying on social networks, and less obesity . A disadvantages would be not keeping in contact with family members. All in all. has created a lot of complications for teenagers lives instead of making it easier

Freedom Of Anonymity.

By Paul Espinoza

Teenagers with technology, unknowingly are helping solve problems within the social constructs of society. People tend to harp on how, technology is destroying human interaction, and the ability to socially express themselves. Yet the last time I check, our generation is plagued with people who don’t follow the standard way of being, or who loudly and obnoxiously voice their disagreement with everything.

I’m guessing if you have ever met and old timing conservative, they would probably rant about how this generation is messed up. They always talk about how people express and present themselves , and how they don’t just follow the common structure of social roles. Why? because the internet has allowed an escape for many people who don’t want the same thing as everyone else. This is probably because as people have the anonymity of the internet to talk and meet with people with similar ideals, that otherwise wouldn't have been unaware of each other.

The internet doesn't hinder social skills, but it allows people to truly express themselves socially, because the internet allowed them to realize, the socially structure is ridiculous and pointless. This freedom of expressing is prevalent in daily life, how many openly homosexual or atheist or plainly strange people do you know? The internet may, in conservative eyes, hinder face to face social skills, yet it has undeniably empowered many people who have felt different and looked down on upon to accept and express who they really are.

This entire new reach of social interaction and expression is partially because online , someone can be who ever and whatever they want to be. Yes this blessing can also be a curse, people abuse and mislead with this same power. And obviously the part that grabs attention is how it has allowed people to mislead others. Which has been widely got recognition through things like the TV show Catfish, and naturally because people have a tendency to criticize every flaw, which is also why the anonymity is so helpful. It can allow someone to only be judged on what they choose, and who they choose to share it with.

Technology isn't the perfect fix for making people feel secure about themselves, but anything that can allow people a release or escape in hopes to make them feel more at ease about being themselves is hard to make negative. Weather you think that technology will destroy social interaction or cause every single person to just avoid any social contact, that hasn't happened, but people better expressing themselves has. So until such time as we all become cave animals who only talk to machines, technology in my book helps people socially. So stop labeling technology as an anti-social lifestyle enabler, think about who you know that actually doesn't talk to people, and then compare it to people who go against the norm, then tell me why technology is such a terrible thing.