Counselors' Corner

September 26, 2022

Meet the Counseling Team

Rudder Middle School has a new counseling team this year. They are excited to work with the students as well as the faculty and staff. There is one counselor assigned to a grade level but students are welcome to visit with any of the counselors.
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If your student has not been called down for a schedule change, then this means that the counseling team cannot complete the request. The most common reason a schedule change request cannot be fulfilled is class conflicts or large class sizes.

  • Class conflicts occur when the student wants two classes that are offered simultaneously. The schedule change is impossible because the student cannot be in two concurrent courses.
  • The second issue is class sizes, meaning the class the student wants is already at the maximum seat count. Therefore the schedule change cannot be fulfilled due to space.

The counselors have worked diligently to ensure all possible requests and changes are complete. Students are entering their sixth week of school so schedule changes will be a rarity.

Counselors' Role on Campus


Guidance lessons are designed to meet the needs of all students. Counselors will visit classrooms to deliver age-appropriate lessons that benefit students' growth and development. The guidance curriculum will incorporate topics from the categories listed below.

Interpersonal Effectiveness

Middle School Students face changing social dynamics, which can be challenging to navigate. Lessons address how to set personal boundaries, conflict resolution, and appropriate communication skills. These lessons help the student develop the skills to cultivate healthy relationships.

Intrapersonal Effectiveness

An essential component of an adolescent's growth is developing a positive self-concept, utilizing executive functioning skills, and behaving responsibly. Counselors will present strategies and tools to help students succeed during their middle school journey.

Personal Health and Safety

Healthy practices and personal care ensure the students gain skills that will keep them safe. Skills for this component include setting boundaries for personal protection, coping with change, and stress management.

Post Secondary and Career Readiness

Preparing for the future involves goal-setting, planning, and exploration. Counselors will provide lessons that guide students to explore career avenues, execute goals, and take advantage of educational opportunities.

Responsive Services

The purpose of school counseling services is to assist students to make maximum use of their educational experience. Our program offers individual and group counseling services to students who may need additional support and will benefit from these services.

Group Counseling- Students are invited to participate in small group counseling for 6-8 sessions. The purpose of the group is to help the students attain more success academically and socially by focusing on one of the following skills: Positive student self concept, appropriate behavior, effective communication skills and conflict resolution, healthy relationships, postsecondary and career planning, positive coping skills and personal boundaries.

Individual Counseling- Students are invited to work with the counselor on a one to one setting for 6 weeks. The purpose of the individual counseling is to help your student with topics such as positive student self concept, appropriate behavior, effective communication skills and conflict resolution, healthy relationships, postsecondary and career planning, positive coping skills and personal boundaries.

If you are interested in these services please complete the following form:

Rudder Counselor Request Form

Your counselor will follow up with you to find the services that best meet your needs.

Individual Planning

The purpose of the individual planning system is to guide all students as they plan, monitor, and manage their own educational, career, and personal-social development. Schools can systematically use a variety of resources-staff, information, and activities-and to focus resources toward the students and to assist individual students to develop and implement personalized plans. Through the individual planning system, students can:

  • Set challenging educational, career, and personal-social goals
  • Analyze how their strengths and weaknesses enhance or hinder the achievement
  • Assess their current progress toward their goals
  • Make decisions that reflect their plans

System Support

The system support component describes services and management activities which indirectly benefit students.

  • consultation with teachers
  • support for the parent education program and community relations efforts
  • participation in the campus-based school improvement plans and goals
  • implementation of the state and local standardized testing program

Reference: Texas Model for Comprehensive School Counseling Programs

Kindness Club

Have you ever wanted to help others but didn't know where to start? If so, then Kindness Club is for you! Our first meeting is on October 5th in the library from 8:00-8:30 am. If you would like more information, then please contact your grade level counselor.
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Parent/Guardian Connection

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Have a wonderful week!

- Your Counseling Team