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Magnificent March

So mega kudos for an outstanding month. As a team we have far exceeded our September 2013 totals which is pretty amazing and some of you have HAD AN OUTSTANDING MONTH!!

I'd like to personally call out to a few stylist who for one reason or another have had a marvellous March. Elise Hepstinstall-Homes was determined to make Star this month and she and her team did just that with a lot of dedication and team spirit, as did Camilla Chiverton who in spite of being pulled almost to breaking point with some heavy family issues is a sparkling Star. Also amazing first month was had by Lesley York who styled just shy of £3000.00 and is just on the edge of 15% jump start bonus, and to Ruby Sharma who has been in the business since December and has struggled a little but had her first £900 plus show on Saturday night ( boy is she a happy bunny). Julie Hall has only been a stylist since Feb and styled a whopping £4000.00 plus month, Ophelia had an incredible over £3000 first month and Fiona took to the Irish scene and represented us all in Limerick last week with Kathleen as the area was launched. Wowee you gals are on fire and I am constantly amazed and inspired by you all. So here is a role call

In the UK top 25 here are the Dazzlers

Me in 3rd,

Sarah Jacobs in 9th

Elise H-H in 11th

Julie Hall in 14th

Petrina Goldman Sill in 15th

Catherine Dyke Price in 23rd

Alexandra Winnington in 25th

and the Dazzlers own top list is

1. Sarah J, 2. Elise H-H, 3. Julie H, 4. Petrina G-S, 5. Catherine D-P, 6. Alexandra W,

7. Ophelia Kingham Head, 8. Jane H, 9. Siona T, 10. Bernie M-C, 11. Petrina Martin

12. Lesley York, 13. Jo Angel, 14. Fiona Parry, 15. Jo Wells, 16. Beth H, 17. Allanah B-A

18. Hannah Pateman, 19. Rebecca Tombs, 20. Liz Radley, 21. Camilla C, 22. Mel Jeffrey

23. Michaella Jane, 24. Charlotte Burnett


March saw some awesome promotions for the team

Huge congrats to our new Lead Stylists, Yana Torlukova-Gardner, Jenna Goode, Amy Fowler, Helena Shearman and Sherie Humphries and a massive shout out to the gorgeous Jo Angel and Mel Gittins who are our NEW SENIOR STYLISTS whoop whoop well done Jo, Mel and your super teams xxxxxxx

New Dazzlers we love you xxxxx

So a wonderful dazzlingly warm welcome to all our new stylists. Joining the team in March, Laura Armitage, Emma Robinson, Maxine Dawson, Amy Hopkins, Andrea Asquith, Clare Murray, Louise Winston, Megan Wadsworth and Rachel Beale

and hello to our sisters over the sea, Fiona Considine, Claudia Quirke, Jean Casey and Siobhan Walsh. Guess where we are all coming for our holidays this year. Good luck, although aren't you gals already supposed to have that !!!!!

April Whats On

of course April is jam packed with offers and promotions.

Every qualified hostess gets an upgrade gift of the Palm Springs Turquoise Ikat scarf in place of the silver trio

WE have Autism Awareness month with the brand new Visionary Bracelet

WE have the stunning new summer collection launch

Price reduction; Silver Peggy now £170.00, Paris Market Totes now £170.00 and the Hope Necklace now £32.00


now is so the time to get yourself out there and sell on the go. Its the holidays... so what!! People will still shop, still look to their wardrobes and still want to see you your jewels. On holiday, out and about, visiting friends and family, have jewels will travel TAKE THEM WITH YOU WHEREVER YOU GO

and finally

As always I will share with you what I did and earned this month

Trunk Shows 8

Sales £7507

Sponsored 1

Earnings Personal sales £1876.00

Earnings coaching commissions £4647.00

Total Income £6601.00

and to tempt you .............

All Dazzlers who qualify in April will go into a draw to win one of 10 prizes of pieces from the new hot hot hot summer collection, will you be in it????

Enjoy April, have a fab Easter and remember that

your business is like Chocolate, some months is perfectly fine to over indulge but other months its ok to have it in moderation


there is never a reason not to have any at all !!!!

Love you


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