The magnific place

Information from Los Ángeles

Los Ángeles is in the west of U.S in America.It isa big city.It´s got approximately 4,000 millions inhabitants.The climate in Los Ángeles in summer is about 27º C because is a subtropical climate.In winter,is about 18º C that is a good temperature compared with other places.Los Ángeles is a modern city.It was founded in 1781.It has lots of monuments and things to see.Los Ángeles is famous for its beaches,his movies and his streets.In Los Ángeles you can see Griffith park,Los Ángeles Zoo,Beverly Hills and much more.There are lots of things to do in Los Ángeles.You can go to the Venice Beach to sunbathing,go to universal studies,go to see the walk of fame.The main industry is tourism,electronics,food and services.I think Los Ángeles is a magnific place for visiting.¡¡Go to visit i!!
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