MARCH 2015


When you are sitting in the boarding gate area of an airport, you are waiting to take the flight that will put you at your desired destination. Nearly everyone sitting in that section is waiting on the same thing, to finally start the part of the journey that will at last commence the take off.

In life, many of us right now are waiting for that point. Like the floor to ceiling windows in most airports that reveal planes coming and going, we even see others around us who are happily flying towards their destiny, sometimes at top speed--and yet we are still waiting.

Can you ever enjoy the wait?

Well, I believe that God's word says you can. After all, we are told in the bible not to be weary in well doing [Galatians 6:9], because there will be a great benefit to not giving up. How do you know when you are getting weary and tired or waiting? Weariness can come in the form of stress, fear, fatigue, sleeplessness, anxiety, irritability, frustration…I could go on forever here.

Listen, when you've done everything you need to do and prepared yourself as best you know how (ticket purchased, luggage checked, and passport stamped), all you can do is wait patiently on God. The greatest thing about waiting on God for your takeoff, however, is that you have an absolute guarantee that he can get you to your destination.

In the almost there season, meditate on Jeremiah 29:11 and Romans 8:28. These scriptures promise God has a plan and an expected destination for you; and while you wait for certain things to happen to indicate your dreams are finally taking off, remember that everything that occurs during the wait--every delay and every gate change--is working for your good!

--Dr. Mel

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GG2GS 3/9/15: Problem Professors

Whether you are in grad school or not, if you are facing a problem or issue right now, you need to watch this video!

God's Guide to Grad School: Problem Professors


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About Dr. Mel

Dr. Melody Shelton Williams (Ph.D) is an accomplished author, teacher, and mentor. At age thirty, she is an authoritative voice for the millennial generation, using her moving life story of personal transformation to inspire countless men and women.

For the last seven years, Dr. Williams has enjoyed an impressive career in higher education, teaching at her alma mater, Old Dominion University, as well as other notable institutions. She now works as a government contractor for the U.S. Army, specializing in training and instructional design.

Along with honors and recognition for her outstanding scholastic performance as a distinguished African American undergraduate and a doctoral fellow, Dr. Williams is known for delivering engaging and heartfelt talks as a speaker. Through her free personal growth seminar, The DREAMS Institute, and hosting her live online program God's Guide 2 Grad School, she is now combining her academic training with biblical life lessons to empower individuals of all ages for successful futures.

In addition to leading her training programs, Melody serves in ministry at Mount Lebanon Missionary Baptist Church, a dynamic Christian organization in Chesapeake, VA led by Bishop K.W. Brown.

Currently, she and her husband of eight years, OJ, have one daughter, Hope.